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Ready to build your list?

Several years ago, I participated in my first ever Joint Venture Giveaway. And was stunned to grow my list over 400 people in about 10 days! You can build your list like this, too.

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I actually joined that JV giveaway late. It took me a while to figure out the flow and what I needed to put into what category once I signed up. Then it took me a while to get my gifts ready.

But once I did, I was sold! Since that time, I have participated in several different types of JV giveaways, and always grew my list in every single one.

But all of those JV giveaways still didn’t feel like I wanted them to. They felt too pushy, too harsh, too internet-marketing focused. Not service-focused like I like.

Out of that dissatisfaction came my own dream to create a JV giveaway of my own:

  • One that is specifically geared toward the Spiritual Entrepreneur,
  • One that offers support to the Spiritual Entrepreneur to get her gifts out to the world,
  • One that offers personal gifts from hand-selected other Spiritual Entrepreneurs.
  • One that would help the Spiritual Entrepreneur get seen and known by her ideal target market, and most of all …
  • One that would allow the Spiritual Entrepreneur to build her list of people who really wanted to hear from her.  Easily.  Abundantly.

That dream is coming into reality now. The JV Giveaway, Your Divine Biz Gifts, was first hosted July 2014, and continues to be offered every year. We had over 600 spiritual entrepreneurs participate as joint venture partners, and it was FILLED with beautiful gifts that helped other spiritual entrepreneurs stand strong in their businesses, make money, get healthy, have amazing relationships, develop their intuitive abilities, and so much more.

What more could you ask? (And they were all FREE!)

Next time we offer a joint venture giveaway, please join us.  Come and get your gifts out to your Divine peeps, too.


Joint Venture Giveaway Build Your List


By the way, we have LOTS of support – copy for emails, copy for social media, and graphics to help you promote. You are not left on your own. You are completely supported in this.

Time to build your list, increase your visibility, make connections and have fun!

Let’s play together and do just that!

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business





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