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Redefining family

Backyard Wildlife

I live a pretty quiet life.  I really do.  I don’t go out much and I don’t travel much particularly right now, because of our two older kitties who are dealing with various health issues.  It just doesn’t make much sense.

We don’t have lots of family in our daily lives, either.  My daughter lives several states away, I don’t have any grandchildren (yet), and my mother lives on the other side of the USA.  My brother and his family live further up the East coast from my daughter, and the rest of my family is scattered all over the country.  Francisco’s family is all in Mexico.

So our lives are just very, very quiet.

And yet, that quiet rhythm works for me.  It’s as though the Divine plopped me here in South Florida so I could create this business.  For several years, I resisted being here.  (Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, let me tell you!)

And now, oh, how I love the quiet.  The wildlife have become my family:  the ducks, geese, birds, iguanas, squirrels, frogs and turtles.

Every day, Francisco (my husband) and I feed the ducks.  Every day, we feed the birds.

Backyard Wildlife

And sometimes, we get a little surprise!  (Someone’s former pet parakeet among the wild parrots.)

Wild Parrots & Parakeet

Fishing birds hang out in our back yard haven.  Here are two example of those beautiful birds.  The first is a pelican; the second is a woodstork.

Pelican-8.13.14-sm          Woodstork2Glorious birds, wouldn’t you agree?  And they are all a part of my family now.  It is my family, redefined, and it now includes my beautiful little community of wildlife.  (Feeling a little bit like St. Francis of Assisi here.)

Sometimes family looks a little different than we think it “should.”  And yet, when we look at who we love and how we show up, our family moves beyond the boundaries of blood, and into friends, our community and into nature itself.

It just means there’s more to love!  And that is truly a Divine life!



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