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Rich in Your Niche?

Last week, Karen*, a new client said to me, “I’m so frustrated, I’m not getting any clients to come in for sessions.  I’m panicking and I need to talk with you!”

I gotta tell you, nothing bothers me more than this.  And it happens to spiritual entrepreneurs all the time!  

Gifted healers, heart-centered service professionals, and spiritually-oriented coaches frequently find themselves in this position.  Why?

It isn’t because they aren’t amazing.  And it isn’t because their gifts don’t matter.  And it sure as heck ain’t because they aren’t trying!

Nope.  It’s none of that. 

Let me tell you what it is … well, my opinion anyway. 

It’s because they aren’t specific about who their niche is.  Their Divine Niche.  You know, the people they are meant to serve.  The people who are actually looking for them – they are googling for them – even as you read this!

During our session, when Karen told me what she had told someone at her networking event, I could understand why no one was coming in the door.  Even I was confused because it seemed she was offering at least 3 different specialties! 

So we worked through her offering, and she became clearer and clearer about what she was to say – and to whom.

The VERY next day I opened an email from her saying, “I just sold my first ever package for $1200!  Thank you so much!”

When you become clear about your Divine Niche – or your perfect market (if you prefer to say it that way), then your potential clients respond to that clarity in a way that is incredibly powerful.
*By the way, Karen is not her real name.  (I haven’t asked permission to share that yet.)




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