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Walking the Sacred Caretaking Journey

My sweet Cubbie

Goodbye, Sweet Skittles

Many of you have been with me on this sacred caretaking journey for a while.  And for the last year or so you have been hearing about my kitties, their illnesses and our commitment to walk this sacred journey with them.

Last year, on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving here in the USA), we lost our little 14-year old boy, Cubbie, unexpectedly to kidney failure.

My sweet Cubbie

This year, one week before Black Friday, we said good-bye to our 17-year old girl, Skittles.

My sweet kitty Skittles

It’s an interesting thing – the timing of their crossing.  They both decided their time and they both let me know.  Cubbie told me the day he was ready.  I heard him, but to hear the vet confirm it was still a shock to me.  Skittles gave me a little more time to adjust to the idea.

Both transitions were both powerful, gentle, and profoundly loving.

Skittles came to me 17 years ago as a little 6-week old kitten, too young to be separated from her mother, but there she was, none the less.  I was one year into a marriage that later turned into a massive trauma drama – my Divine initiation.  Skittles was right there with me.

Cubbie and Pixie joined her right around that time, and the two of them became best friends.  All three of them anchored the energies of sanity, peace and love, even during the worst of it.

Cubbie and Pixie Sleeping

Pixie taught me to be a healer.  Skittles grounded the energies through the years.  And Cubbie taught me to trust my intuition (and he continues to do so from the other side).

Our little furbabies do so much for us.  They share our lives and they trust us to care for them.  But more than that, they help us grow and become who we are meant to be.  They are the unseen energetic forces that support us and help us step into our Divine purpose.

So for my sweet Skittles, I say this:

Thank you, Beautiful Skittles.

I love you and am so grateful you shared this journey with me.

I know we are continuing to work together through the veil.

I am willing to keep learning from you, and

I am so grateful for your love.

Sweet Skittles

Take a moment to thank your beloved fur babies for all the work they do to help you do your Divine work.  They will love it and will appreciate the acknowledgement.


My Sacred Caretaking Journey

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