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Dear Divine Entrepreneur –

  • Do you love serving your clients and want more of them, but hate at the idea of having to sell your services in order to get them?
  • Does just the thought of having to sell in your business make you want to curl up in a ball and hide?
  • Does the word “sales” just make you want to cringe?
  • Are you afraid people will think you’re greedy when you ask for their business?
  • Do you worry that selling isn’t spiritual?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. If you’re like most spiritual entrepreneurs, you’re probably experiencing at least one of these (if not all!) as you build your business. 

Or maybe you dislike sales so much that you aren’t doing it at all!  If this is the case, guess what?  You’re not alone.  Unfortunately, though, if you aren’t selling your services, then your people aren’t receiving the benefit of them, either.  And that’s no way to share your Divinely-given gifts with the world!

One thing you need to know is this:


There is an art to having a successful,

 sacred sales conversation.


And it doesn’t involve being pushy, being  “salesy,” or turning people off with sleazy, icky sales tactics.

In fact, there is a way to inspire someone to step forward into a space of possibility rather than push someone to buy.

Here’s the thing:  you really can offer your services from a place of integrity and inspiration once you learn how to do it.

And here’s the other thing:


Your potential clients actually want to buy from you.  

They want your services. 

They want your solutions to their problems.




  • if you’re too afraid to offer it to them because you’re afraid of being rejected,
  • if you’re too uncomfortable when you offer it to them because you’re afraid of being too pushy, or…
  • if you’re too anxious to offer it to them because you hate feeling icky when you ask for the business,

then they can’t benefit from you or your wonderful service.


They can’t transform their lives

because of your fear!


And that doesn’t work for anyone!

If you’re ready to change that, then join me for this complimentary, no cost training call on Tuesday, June 18 at 4 pm Eastern, where you will learn:


  • The 2 Divine Mindset Beliefs you must have before you can have a successful sales conversation;
  • The #1 Mistake spiritual entrepreneurs make (and you’ve done this many times!) that keeps you from getting new clients;
  • My favorite energy connecting technique that soothes not only your potential client, but also relieves your anxiety when the topic of money comes up;
  • The 3 Secret Questions you must ask, every single time or else you’ll lose the sale! (they’ll help you come from a place of sacred service and give great value to your potential client); and
  • How to get the step-by-step help you need to offer your services with clarity, confidence, and connection so that you can easily get more clients, more money, and more freedom!

If you’re ready to unlock the secrets to having fabulously fun sales conversations, then get signed up and my Divine team will get you the call-in details right away.

I’ll see you on the call!

Divine hugs to you,



Rev. Anne Presuel

Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



Now go get your Divine ON!


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