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Sacred Sexy Sales… Seriously!

This week, I had someone write to me that they thought that “Sacred” and “Sexy” just couldn’t – just SHOULDN’T – be in the same sentence, let alone the NAME of a program about sales

Now you know I just had to address that.  You see, if she had that issue, then someone else had that issue, and believe me, I’m not going to let it lie. 

Here’s why:  because her work (and yours and mine) is TOO important to let triggers about words like that to stop us from getting the incredible value that programs like this have to offer. 

I mean, if THAT stops her, can you imagine what happens when someone says: “Who do you think you are?” or “You just need to fit in” or “You think you can build a business [or charge money] doing that?  (Or any of the other ridiculous things people say when they get scared or intimidated when we shine our light. 

So, here’s my response.  Let me know what you think, ok?  (I really want to hear.)


To learn more about the Sacred Sexy Sales program, click here.


14 thoughts on “Sacred Sexy Sales… Seriously!”

  1. Amen! The name of my business is Sacred Beginning and Sexy is a part of Sacredness. How can it not be? Sexy is not sleazy but instead sensuous and a part of who I am. Selling can be both absolutely. Thank you for your inspiration, Rev. Anne.

    1. Thank you, Divine Sharon –

      I know you and I know your work, and it is absolutely beautiful and sensual.

      Sending you big hugs as you bring your powerful work to the world,


  2. Ann I’m with you. You are right on. All of that energy comes from the second chakra and how can you share your purpose without being sacred and sexy. Yes
    you are correct is explaining. People have never been taught that and it
    would be a great class for you to teach.

    1. Thank you so much, Adrianah! Don’t you just LOVE the chakra energy and how it shows up in our work when we are clear and it’s flowing? Yeah, baby! 🙂



  3. The best way to be successful is to just be you! Trying to be everything to everyone is going to get you no where. Thank you Anne for remaining true to your authentic self and being willing to stand out and share your message with all of us. Sacred and sexy may not be for everyone and that’s ok!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!

      And than you for helping me get my act together to do that video, girl! You Rock!

      Big hugs, Anne

  4. Awesome video Anne and beautifully explained. I personally resonate with Sexy as the essence of me. It’s exactly how you stated not put on by anything because it comes from within. I love your work and how fun you make sales in our business to be. So yeah girl show off your Sacred Sexy self!

    1. Thank you so much, Liz. I totally love that and appreciate that you took the time to share. Thank you, truly.

      Big hugs to you,


  5. Thank you for that! I’ve always shied away from sales talk, because it felt uncomfortable, but I can definitely identify with what you said – especially the sacred part. I’ll have to make sure I’m in that mindset next time.

    1. Hi, Lisa –

      Thank you for your comments. Let me know how it goes in your next sales call, ok? (Inquiring minds want to know!)

      Hugs, Anne

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