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Share Your Story; It’s Very Client Attractive!

Do you want to be more client attractive?  Then one thing you’ll need to do is share your story.

Many healers, coaches, authors, holistic practitioners, energy therapists, ministers, therapists have something in common: a dramatic and very personal story of how they came to be who they are.

I like to call it

The Divine Initiation

The Divine Initiation is simply this: the traumatic experience and the healing journey that you went on in your life has caused you to become who you are today – with the healing tools you now have, the wisdom you now have, the consciousness you now have, the compassion you now have. And most of all, with the connection to the Divine that you now have.

I believe that so many of us have experienced our own Divine Initiations specifically so that we could find their way through the pain and then help others. I see it over and over again with those I talk with.

So many of us have been called to step into our healing abilities at this particular time in the evolution of consciousness. We have been called to step forward, and that calling is so deep in our souls that we cannot ignore it.

We had to experience the dark-night-of-the-soul
so that we could truly know our own light.


Even with that, many feel afraid to share their stories. They worry about people judging them. They worry about clients running away. They worry that society will look upon them as less than.

Let me tell you. It. Is. Not. So. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite.

Your story is powerful. It’s your journey. Your street cred, if you will. Sharing your story connects people to you. It draws them in. It helps them to see who you are, where you’ve been and how you’ve been transformed by the experiences you’ve had.

Without your story, you would not be who you are. You would not have the awareness you have, or the wisdom you carry. You would not have the compassion you have for others.

Most of all, you would not be able to hold the light
for those going through their dark-night-of-the-soul
so they can find their way out.

Your story inspires. It brings hope: of healing, of new love, of new life. Hope of rebirth. Hope for wholeness and happiness. Hope for abundance and love. Hope for peace.

When you withhold your story, you take from them that powerful opportunity to be inspired.

Your fear closes doors that you don’t even know exist.

Your Divine market wants to know who you are. They want to see you in all your transformed glory, so that they can see what is possible for them.

But in order for them to see you, you must share. You must choose to be vulnerable, and open, and loving. You must choose to be naked, if you will.

Your story is not the whole of you. It is only a part of you. It transformed you into who you are today. For that, you can thank it, bless it and love it.

And then share it.




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