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She works hard for the money, so hard for it, honey..

Remember that song by Donna Summer? (Well, you most likely do if you’re over 50.)  
It was 1983. And baby, I was working hard for my money. Oh yeah, I was. I was in my 20s and trying to figure life out.
This song felt so true to me. (Plus it had a kick-butt melody and a fabulous disco beat.) It was a hit on the radio long before I was introduced to anything like concepts like affirmations or how you become what you think about.  This song just felt so true, true, true!
Then later, when I became an entrepreneur, I proudly wore the truth of the song: She works HARD for the money!
Yeah. That was me.
When the concept of making more money came up – even to just imagine it(!), my immediate reaction was “Oh, heck no! I don’t want to work harder! I’m already working too hard!”
That’s the power a cultural influence like a song. It has teeth, you know, and it gets into our consciousness and becomes our truth! 
But the thing about it is: it doesn’t have to our truth. Not for me and not for you.
I want to work easy for the money! Don’t you?
What if you could?
What if you could really and truly
work easy for the money?
(Or heck, PLAY easy for the money?!) What would that be like?
In the past few years, I’ve discovered this for myself. I’ve discovered that work can be fun AND easy!  And I can still make great money! (Heck, my business was easier last year than ever before in my life and I made almost twice as much as I had the year before!)
Easy Peasy!  
(Oh, and just to reassure you, no, I didn’t do anything illegal or anything different than I had done before. Same business. Same me, with some mindset/energy changes.)
Want to know how I did it? Want to hear how others are doing it? If so, then join me for a fr*ee call:   
Saturday, May 19th
1 pm Eastern
How to Build Your 6-Figure Business
from Home
On this call, you’ll learn:
  • Why it is so important – now more than ever – to build your business so that you have the money and freedom to live your life the way you want!
  • What does it actually take to get clients and make a consistent, abundant income;
  • What other people are doing to create their businesses their way;
  • The #1 mistake spiritual entrepreneurs make that cost them years of time and tens of thousands of dollars (and how you can avoid it);
  • And so much more!
Building a beautiful successful, sustainable  business doesn’t have to be painful and hard.
You can make your experience oh, so much easier!
Get Your Divine On

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