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It Shouldn’t Cost You Your First-Born…

Recently, I spoke with someone who had invested over $100,000 in training on how to build her business and still felt very confused about what she was doing. 

I could relate.  I spent over double that myself!  Yeah, you read that right.  (I now jokingly call that “drinking the kool-aid.”

You see, it’s not uncommon for people to invest a lot of money as they build their business.  And I strongly believe that it’s important to invest in yourself to be able to put the pieces into place so you can learn how to make money in your business. 

But, you see, there’s smart investing and then there’s … well, not-so-smart investing.

You see, just like this woman I talked to, even after investing so much money in myself and my education, I still had big holes in my how-to-build-a-business education. 

Ouch.  It was a very painful realization.

And I came to a very, very important conclusion: 

Build your business
shouldn’t cost you your first-born. 

It just shouldn’t.

Because of this, I decided to create a different way for healers, coaches and other Divinely-guided entrepreneurs to be able to learn how to build their businesses. 

Without sacrificing their future.

You could say that my own mess caused me to create a new message. 

  • A message of hope for people who wonder what they’re supposed to do to get enough clients.
  • A message of possibility for those who wonder “Will I be able to do this?  Or will I have to go get a job?!
  • A message of inspiration for those who want to build their business their way – not some cookie-cutter coach’s way.

Does this sound like you?  If so, then join me TODAY, for a fr*ee call:   

Thursday, June 22nd at 1 pm Eastern

A Divinely Prosperous Biz
How to Build Your 6-Figure Business
from Home (in Your PJs!)​

On this call, we’re going to talk about:

  • How you can get more clients;
  • How you can make more money;
  • How you can do it in a very rich, deeply connected community;
  • How you can get the trainings you need to be able to build the business you want,
  • How you can get opportunities to get visibility you won’t find anywhere else, and
  • How it won’t cost you your first-born to do it.  (Promise!) 

Building a beautiful, successful, sustainable business doesn’t have to be massively expensive.  It just doesn’t. 

Learn how here:

A Divinely Prosperous Biz



Because I know that this call can be a game changer, you will get a FR*EE GIFT, just for registering for the call!  

Create Your Divine Abundance Affirmations
Feel Prosperous. Be Prosperous 

Register here:

 Divinely Prosperous Biz

(and keep your first-born)



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