These songs were recorded at two different times in my life.  The songs with Rev. Linda Roebuck were recorded in the early 1990s, and the songs with Sheila Imm were recorded in 2008.  They are simple arrangements, and were intended to stimulate a sense of quiet connection to the Divine.  (I don’t claim to be a music producer, and these will prove it. :-))

If you discover that you resonate with them, please receive them as the gifts they are intended to be, and allow them to bless you as you connect with the Divine.

Feel free to listen or download any of these songs.  (By the way, if you tap while you listen, it will shift your energy more quickly.)



Amazing Grace (accompaniment by Rev. Linda Roebuck)

In The Garden (accompaniment by Sheila Imm)   This song is a favorite of mine and my mother’s.  I recorded it for her, and it is to her that it is dedicated.

Peace Be Still (accompaniment by Rev. Linda Roebuck)   When my daughter was little, I often sang this to her she went to sleep.  It is another favorite (and is set to the tune of Brahm’s Lullabye).

The Invocation (accompaniment by Rev. Linda Roebuck)    This song was written by Richard Carpenter after his sister, Karen, died.  It is beautiful, and a little unusual.

Whispering Hope (accompaniment by Sheila Imm)    An all-time favorite of mine.

My Dedication (accompaniment by Sheila Imm)   This is a beloved Unity song, written by a Unity minister after meditating in the garden at Unity Village in Kansas.

Prayer for Protection (accompaniment by Rev. Linda Roebuck)    The popular Unity prayer set to music.  I love it.

Abide with Me (accompaniment by Rev. Linda Roebuck)    This is an oldie, and a favorite of mine.

Oh, My God, How I Love Thee (accompaniment by Rev. Linda Roebuck)   This song brings me to tears over and over again.  The simple, but powerful words, sung with such heartfelt emotion, moves me deeply.

2 thoughts on “SpiritSongs”

  1. Hey Anne,

    I see you have the song “My Dedication”. It was written by Rev. Claudell Hefner County who was my minister at Unity church of Harrisburg for ten years.

    Rev. Donna

    1. That’s wonderful to know, Donna. I had the good fortune to meet her, as well, at a Unity in Severna Park, Maryland about 20 years ago, where she gave me the sheet music (and permission) to record her song. She’s lovely!

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