Successful Sacred Sales Conversations Product

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Successful Sacred Sales Conversations 


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Successful Sacred Sales Conversations Sell  Authentically From the Heart and Make More Money!


  • Does the thought of having a sales conversation make you cringe?
  • Does the fear of rejection hold you back from asking for the business – even though you know you can help them?
  • Do you feel sleazy when it comes to sales?
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If so, then Successful Sacred Sales Conversations is for you!

Successful Sacred Sales Conversations is a collection of 150 affirmations set to soothing music to make you LOVE sales. That’s right, it IS possible for you become very good at sales – and even love having a sales conversation!

Most spiritual entrepreneurs – healers, coaches, transformational service providers – hate sales because they feel it is manipulative or aggressive.  When you become aware that sales is actually a very sacred, intimate process that focuses on serving your potential client, your entire experience of the sales process will transform.

As you listen to this program, you will understand that sales as a profoundly sacred, experience, one that connects you deeply with your potential clients.

Instead of being filled with fear and anxiety about making a sales call, you will be fully present with your prospect and feel confident as you offer your services and products. You will improve your listening skills, connect with your Divine intuition, and be bold and courageous during your sales calls.

The Successful Sacred Sales Conversations mp3 offers an accompanying PDF file which contains the entire list of affirmations so you can follow along with the audio – or create your own audio in your voice!  Use this list to identify the statements that resonate most with you and work with these frequently for the absolute best results![/text_block]

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