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Divine Activation Ceremony

Want to be a part of a Divine Activation Ceremony?  Earlier this week, I shared about how you can make your business sparkle, and what that means.  I realize that that concept is rather fluffy and ambiguous, but when you actually pull it apart, you can see what it means

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Make Your Business Sparkle in 2015!

What if you really could do that?  I mean really?  Make your business sparkle in 2015, that is. What would it take? And what does it mean to have a business that sparkles anyway?  I’m a girl, ok?  I picked the word “sparkle” because it really resonates with me.  What

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3 Biggest Mistakes Spiritual Entrepreneurs Make

  “The economy has really hit me hard,” Marilyn told me. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  I work so hard, but I don’t seem to be getting where I want to go.”   As we worked together in releasing her fears, I realized that the challenge

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