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How tapping transformed my life

ty As you may know, in 2000, my life upended.  It was the beginning of a very long dark-night-of-the-soul period.  There was a healer who made an incredible difference in my life during that time.  In fact, she’s the reason I am doing the work I do today.  (You can

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Daily Intuitive Journaling

  When my clients and students are learning to develop and trust their intuition, one of the main exercises they do is get a journal, where they can write down the intuitive hits that they receive on a daily basis.   What happens is that they quickly realize that they

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Your Divine Whisper

New Blog, New Life – Let’s Celebrate!     In January 2011, this blog changed.  After a year and a half of writing the Divine Whispers, they felt complete and I strongly felt guided to share how to develop and use our intuition in a new way – both in

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How Intuitive Are You?

“How do you know if you’re intuitive?” someone asked recently. “I mean, I think I am, but I’m not really sure what that means.” She’s not alone. Many people wonder if they are intuitive.  Let me start off by saying “Everyone is intuitive.” Now, before you go “Yeah, right!” let

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