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My intuition said yes and my life completely changed!

My life changed two weeks ago. I mean completely changed.   My brother came for a visit and brought our dad with him. Now keep in mind I haven’t seen my father in 15 years! Remember how I shared aboutt my step-mother who died last year? Well, she was the gate-keeper and

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Tsunamis and other challenges…

I am in a tsunami of change. My book goes for pre-sale this coming Friday, which means everything related to that MUST be completed. My website is getting redone. (Don’t look yet, it’s not finished! Ok, look, IF you’re going to go peek, then don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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Last Chance!

  Last Chance to get your Mini-Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading! ty Hello Divine One!  We have been getting some incredible letters over on the Divine Thank You page!  Have you seen them yet?  You’ll want to grab a tissue when you do, because these letters are so heart-felt.  It is clear that the people

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Do you know the difference you have made?

Years ago, I learned the power of acknowledging someone who had done something for me.  Before that point, I was stingy.  Seriously. Stingy. I figured the person (in this instance, my former husband, my daughter’s father) knew I appreciated him. I figured he knew that I was grateful to him

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