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We’re talking (and tapping) on Client Attraction today!

Client Attraction Magnet

This week, it’s all about Divine Client Attraction in the Tap into Your Divine Business program! 

Client Attraction Magnet

In last week’s class, we talked about Your Divine Money. We tapped on the feelings that come up around money and several brave entrepreneurs got vulnerable in front of hundreds of others, and were coached personally by me on the call.  They played big.

Some of the beliefs we worked on – and cleared – were: 
  • I’m afraid I’ll work really hard put heart & soul into my business and people will get benefit from it, but I still won’t make any $$ at it.
  • I don’t believe I can do this.
  • I don’t know if I believe in myself enough or what I’m offering enough.
  • I’m not putting myself “out there.”
  • I always seem to know what to do but I don’t do it.
If you haven’t registered for the class yet, you’ll want to do that, especially if you find yourself challenged with some of these beliefs and fears.  You can tap along with the call and you will get some clarity and release just by tapping along.
Go here to register:
It’s fr*ee to join in on the fun.  This is my gift to you, because I want to support you in getting your sacred gifts out to the world.
A number of people commented on the first class in our Facebook group.  Here’s what some of them said:
Wow! What a powerful recording. There was something that resonated deeply with me in each of the tapping sessions you did. Thank you so much for the volunteers and for your gift with tapping!  ~Nancy Rose Southern
Oh my goodness, you are SO much fun! I am so grateful for the call, for your compassion, humor, sensitivity, expertise and wisdom. Can’t wait for next week!  ~Holly Matson
So much fun, wisdom, grace and humor. So grateful for the depth of teaching you bring.  ~Candice Sinai
Thank you for the great call today. It is amazing what pockets of belief you brought up. I am very much looking forward to the remaining calls. ~Karen Downing
Amazing call. I’m so grateful for the personal coaching! ~Marisa Ferrera
And here’s what Jaci said about the affirmations (the yummy bonus for the Tap into Your Divine Business class, pictured below):
I want you to know how much I enjoyed the 1st call for the class you’re doing! I’ve listened to it twice now, and am having little epiphanies each time.
I also ADORE the affirmations, Rev. Anne!!!!! I use “tapping in” of affirmations as part of my own practice w/clients and find it really effective.
THANK YOU for the beautiful and powerful affirmations you crafted to help us move forward!!! — feeling excited.


That’s a pretty great start, I’d say!
And nextwe’re going to get some clarity around Divine client attraction
So, join the 600+ spiritual entrepreneurs who are already connecting, and let’s Tap into Your Divine Business!
I’ll see you there!
Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
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