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Thursday, May 21st at 12 noon Eastern


Dear Divine Entrepreneur:

A couple of quick questions for you about how you feel about money. You game?

Here we go…

  • Do you believe that it is not okay to have abundance (especially when others need it so much more than you)?
  • Have you been asking yourself, “How can I even think about asking for money now during a global emergency?
  • Are you worried that having consistently abundant money would change you – (and not for the better)?
  • Do you have a secret belief that (because you are a spiritual person, you are not supposed to say yes to having money?
  • Have you been taught that it’s wrong to ask for more than you need?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone.

These are just a few of the blocks my clients bring to me on a regular basis. And then we come back to this one Universal law:


The Divine has your back.



So, what if…

  • everything you desire is literally an energetic shift away? And… what if
  • you could make that shift with ease?


What if you could actually

make more money without putting in

more effort just to maintain it?



Join me on May 21. I’ll show you how.



 Tap into Your Divine Money Magic 

Thursday, May 21st at

12:00 noon Eastern


I'll see you on the call! 




Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

p.s. Oh, and yes, we'll have a replay, so if you can't make the call live, you can still get some money magic!



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