Tapping Points-OLD

Tapping Points


Here are the tapping points as well as an audio explaining where each of these points is.

Tapping Points

You can left-click on the audio to listen, or you can right-click, and then click on “Save Target as” to download it to your computer. 

Happy tapping!

Using EFT for Negative and Positive Beliefs and Feelings

You can use EFT to clear out “stuff” or negative feelings/beliefs. When you do so, you focus on those negative feelings.

But we’re not always feeling negative (thank goodness!) AND we all want to create more of what it is we want in our lives. If we choose to consciously create by using the Law of Attraction (LOA) and EFT to focus our attention upon what it is we want, then we can actually create our desires and bring them into being more quickly. Basically, the LOA is simply this: whatever we focus upon increases. Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks fame) puts it this way: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” (By the way, we are always using the LOA, whether we are doing it consciously or not.)

So, this means that by focusing upon what we DO want and tapping on that, we can move the energy even more quickly so that we become more aligned with what it is we desire or wish to create. When we are in alignment with it, meaning we believe we can have it or create it, then we see it manifest in our lives.

EFT is a powerful tool to help us clear the stuff that says we can’t have what we want. You can use EFT to tap on the “tail-enders” of an affirmation. For example, say the affirmation is: “I can create all the wealth I desire.” Well, you may be thinking, “Yeah, right!” because in your life you haven’t been able to create all the wealth you desire. That “Yeah, right!” is the tail-ender. And it is made up of all the negative emotions, memories, beliefs, inner conversations, things your parents, teachers, friends, and society have told you that you on some level believe. THAT is the stuff to shift.

You can break it down one piece at a time and tap on each piece, which is a painstaking process, but effective, or you can tap when you are aware that you’ve been triggered about something (there’s a disturbance in the force, as I like to say). And you can also listen to affirmations and tap along with them.

We can (and do) shift our beliefs/energy/vibration/thoughts in many, many different ways. And it is up to us to actually do the work of shifting them. If we do not, we will not ultimately move into alignment with our dreams and our desires.

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