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The Case for Radical Self-Care

Sometimes I struggle with getting overwhelmed managing everything in my business and my life.  A great example is what’s happening right now:  I’ve just launched my new radio show AND am in the middle of launching the joint venture giveaway (and class)! 

Then when you add on to those two new (pretty big) launches, life itself:

  • our air conditioner died and we had to have the whole thing replaced,
  • my 17-year old kitty, Skittles, got sick again and now we need a whole new regime of medicines for the next two weeks,
  • my husband’s report was due to the state for grant money he used for research and wanted help proofreading it (I fell asleep thinking of words like pozzolanic and cementitious, zzzzzz),
  • client care, and
  • cooking, laundry and other stuff…

well, yeah, things can get a little out of hand.  Balls drop. 

And yet… this is what life looks like.  Busy.  Full.  Deliciously vibrant.  And oh, so alive!

This is when radical self-care is needed.  Even though there are so many things to handle, I take the time to swim.  And it is amazing! 

Kick, stroke, breathe… kick, stroke, breathe… kick, stroke, breathe… 

The repetition itself soothes my busy mind, and the deep rhythmic breathing gives my brain an oxygen high.




When you find yourself having too much to do, too much to manage, and especially too little time, it’s time for radical self-care.  You will return to your world refreshed, energized, and grounded … and far more able to show up 100% for your life.

Time to swim…


2 thoughts on “The Case for Radical Self-Care”

  1. What IS “radical self-care”? Should we all look as beautiful, as self-loved as possible?
    Do you mean, we have a responsibility to the Universe to cherish ourselves as much as He loves us? Do we then have much more to share?
    I just want to totally understand your point. y

    1. Radical self-care, or Divine self-care, Kylie-Anne, is all about taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. So you can be the most beautiful expression of the Divine in this world. I think we have a responsibility to ourselves to cherish ourselves. 🙂 Great question; thank you!

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