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If you feel like you can’t, tap along with this audio.

For several years now, I’ve been creating ezines and then alternating at times with tapping audios.  Recently, I had the brilliant idea to combine the two of them, but in a more interesting format.  (You’ll see what I mean in a minute.)


And so… (drum-roll please!)  Ta-DA! 


The Divine Biz Code is born!  And you are receiving the very first edition of it!


In this new format, I’m offering answers to questions people have asked me in a variety of settings (forums, Ignite Your Divine Biz strategy sessions, Divine Business Angel Readings, one-on-one sessions, retreats, etc.).


You know that if one person is asking the question, this means that many others are asking it, as well.


So it is my intention that by reading this you find clarity and support in bringing your sacred gifts to the world.


As an added bonus, at the end, there’s a tapping audio for you to tap along with.  This is particularly powerful if you love tapping and feel as though you really “get” the challenge that the person is faced with.  As you well know, the tapping will help you move through those blocks.





How can I experience abundance when I have to watch every penny I spend?  I can’t afford to pay for someone to help me in my business, and I certainly can’t afford a mentor. 


I’m so tired of living like this, but I just don’t see my way out.




Your answer actually lies in your question.  Rather, it lies in the way in which you asked your question, and then argued for your position.


Here’s the thing: whenever we have an experience and then we back that experience up with a story, we end up recreating the story.  Over and over again.  (Especially if we feel strongly about how TRUE our story is!)


To begin with, your question is flawed.  If really want an answer, then the question actually is this: “How can I experience abundance?”  By asking this question, you are now instructing your thoughts to look for evidence of abundance you already experience in your life. 


Unfortunatly, the way you asked the question was that you asked and then told your story justifying your experience.


You declared, twice, “I can’t.”  And said “I don’t see.”  Whether you realize it or not, when you make statements such as this, you are actually giving your thoughts direction.  You are literally telling yourself that you can’t do something and that you don’t see how to do it.


And of course you can’t and won’t be able to see. 


Our words have co-creative abilities, because we are powerful co-creators with the Divine. 


When you make a declaration, you are co-creating with Universal energy. 


And this moment in time – this moment of now – is your most powerful moment of creation. 



So, begin by changing your story.  

Begin by changing your languaging. 

Begin by changing your moment of now.



Declare what it is you want, not what you don’t want.  For it is in that declaration that your powerful tomorrows (and your Divine business) are created.


Divinely Yours,



Now go get your Divine ON!


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