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What’s the High Cost of Waiting?

Hi, Divine One –


When I signed on with my mentor seven years ago, she said something to me that made me stop.  
You can very probably build your business
on your own, but it will take you
a lot longer to get there.
It really made me stop and think because for a few years prior to working with her, I’d been doing a lot of studying about how to build my business. I’d been trying to do it on my own.
As a matter of fact, there was one membership site in particular whose trainings I listened to over and over again.
You see, I really needed to understand just what the heck it was that I was trying to build. I would get inspired and go to implement some things, but then I’d have so many questions I’d get stuck again.
Those calls prepared me for being able to work with my mentor because they gave me a framework of understanding what we would be doing together as I built my business.
The trainings were gold.
They helped me understand many
of the pieces to building a business.  
As I have grown my business, and now help others grow theirs, I understand how powerful good trainings are.
While not everyone is ready for one-on-one, everyone needs information so they can understand how to build a business. 
If you have a vision for a business that will sustainably (and abundantly!) support you then you need training. Lots of it. You cannot build your business without it. You just can’t.
When I think back to those years that I spent learning, I am so grateful for the membership program with those trainings. They provided the strong foundation for the business I have today. They helped me put a solid structure around my business.
Had I waited to get training and support, I wouldn’t have been able to have the birthday I just had. I’m very clear about that. Investing in yourself for your business is one of the best things you can do, because it pays off so powerfully.
Let’s talk about how you can get the training you need so that you can create the beautiful business you want. Join me for an upcoming, free training on how you can build your beautiful business more easily and more consistently, YOUR way.

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Rev. Anne Presuel
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