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The REAL Reason…

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The REAL reason…

This week, I remembered the real reason I’m working from home:  freedom.  

  • Freedom to spend my day in the flow that feels right to me;
  • Freedom to sleep in if I need to;
  • Freedom to take care of my (currently) sick kitty, Baba.
  • Freedom to get dressed (or not) when I want;
  • Freedom to create my life & business in a way that fits me.

I’m often aware of my freedom, but because Baba has been ill this week, I have been extra present to it. 

You know how it is, when life is going smoothly, you just kind of coast along. But when it gets bumpy, you really start to pay attention to the details!

Well, it got bumpy for me. Sweet Baba started getting sick over the weekend and this week has been running a fever. We’ve been making sure he gets lots of fluids (squirting them in his mouth) and some specific gel and herbs that help him move through the illness.

Last year, his brother, Gaby, got sick and died very unexpectedly. So when Baba gets sick, I get more nervous than usual. I check on him alot. (Something I wouldn’t be able to do if I were at a job.) 

Anyway, I remember why.

And I’m incredibly grateful.

Oh, and by the way, prayers and healing energies are welcome for him if you feel like you would like to do that.  We would both appreciate it.

I’d really love to hear from you:  What is your biggest reason for doing your business

Send your response at RevAnne (at) DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness (dot) com. I read them all.  🙂 
Until next time, lovey… 



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