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This secret energy technique is great for clients…and cats!

We have 6 rescue kitties in our house.  Mostly they get along, but two of them kind of don’t like each other very much.  Maya, a bengal mix, has a really big personal bubble and doesn’t like it to be intruded upon.  Asha, a tiger, absolutely loves to plop herself down right on top of you.  She’s like “Boundary? What boundary?”  To which Maya will hiss and run away, and Asha will think that’s really cool and chase her, resulting in even more hissing and growling.

Maya making sure dinner is done right

Asha in her favorite crystal bowl

I felt like I was running out of options.  (If you have kitties with this issue, you know what I mean.)  We tried (and frequently use) Feliway spray (it’s great).  We use calming herbs in their foods (it works).  We use calming essential oils in a little locket on their collars (it works).  I’ve yelled. I’ve chased. I’ve soothed. I’ve given more attention to one or the other.  

And then I tried this energy technique and it worked like magic!  The energy technique is called the Sideways Figure 8, and it’s a technique that was made famous by Donna Eden, who wrote Energy Medicine

It works like this:  Taking your hand with the thumb part of your hand facing the ceiling and the fleshy side part of your hand facing the ground, move your hand in a sideways figure 8.  I do multiple figure 8s when I do this technique.

In the case of the kitties, I did this between them when they were near each other.  It works because it blends their energy fields with one another’s, allowing them to feel safer with one another. 

What I noticed was a significant reduction in hissing and growling from Maya, and a significant reduction in chasing from Asha. 

I’ll take it!

I’ve long been telling the Divine Diamonds and the Divine Ones who participate in my programs to use this technique when you’re on a sales call with someone, or even when you’re presenting a webinar or hosting a teleseminar.  It will connect your energy to your participants’ energies and allow the connection to be stronger.

It works.  Just ask Maya.

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Until next time, lovey…


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