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Reading: Time to Get Happy … And Grow Your List!

Hi, there, Divine One –
For the last two weeks, I’ve been caving it up… I pulled cards for the weekly reading, but then I just couldn’t write.  Nothing came.
You see, two weeks ago, I lost my beloved little kitty, Pixie.  She had been with me for over 15 years; the last three of which were pretty intense with caregiving, because she was quite ill.
We had had several close calls over the last few years, some of which I shared on Facebook, and in my emails to you.  But this time, she chose to go.
And my heart was broken. 
You see, she was a soul mate in a kitty’s body.  She came to me at a time I desperately needed her.  And when I think back to that night in August 2000, when I found her by the side of that country road, sick, catching bugs for dinner, well, I know she needed me, too.
The truth is we saved each other.
She taught me about healing, and walked with me as I became a healer.  She anchored that energy, and would often come into my office during healing sessions with clients.  She knew how to help transmute trauma.
So, that’s why I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been maneuvering my way through this painful, yet sacred experience, using my energy tools and Divine self-care to support myself.
When there’s grief, it’s hard to get the intuitive downloads necessary to do readings.  (At least it is for me.) 
The sun is coming out again, and I’m now connecting with her on the other side, because much of the heaviness has lifted.
I know she’s with me, and she’s a part of me.  She always will be.
She was a very special furbaby.  And I know how blessed I was to share those 15 years with her.
But I do miss her so.
Your Divine Biz
Weekly Reading:

You are always connected with the Divine.
In all ways.  Always.


I decided to play with some new angel decks this week. I’ve pulled two cards from two different decks, and at the last moment, was guided to share a card from my angel deck.

So we have 3 cards this week. They are…

Decide to be Happy Now
Effective List-Building



 (I think they are meant for me this week!)

We are moving out of Mercury Retrograde and leaving the challenges and issues that came up during retrograde behind. (Can we all say Hooray!?)

As you look at your life – and your business – take a look at where you are experiencing heaviness and discontent.

  • How can you lighten the heaviness?
  • How can you add playfulness to your day?
  • How can you add playfulness to your business?
  • Where are you choosing discontent?
  • Can you make a different decision?
  • Can you give yourself the gift of joy?

You see, your business is a reflection of what’s happening in your energy.

Let’s put it another way: your finances are a reflection of what’s happening in your energy.

The lighter you are,
the more you will draw to you what you desire.

Therefore, it pays to play. (Not to mention, that it’s FUN!)

Your Divine Assignment:

Pick 3 things you can do today to lighten your mood, to lift your spirits, to have FUN in your day. Then go do them.

Playing will help you decide to be happy. It really will.

Last Thoughts:

It was interesting that the List-Building card come up. (I promise I didn’t just go pick that one!) I’m sure it showed up because of the upcoming JV Giveaway, and the call I’m sharing below in Divine Events.

The JV partners always have a lot of fun together bringing the giveaway to life. Not only do they build their list, but they also make great connections with one another, and with the world.

This week, give yourself the gift of lightness of being, of playfulness, of laughter, of joy. The decision to do so will transform your business, because it will transform you.

What a gift that will give to the world around you!


Divine Events

Divinely Connected Biz
Build your list. Gain visibility. Make Divine connections.

If you’ve been curious about participating in a joint venture giveaway, and wondering what you need to do in order to do that, then here’s your chance to get all the inside info!
Join me, along with Sherry Bowers, for a fr*ee call on how you can build your list and get visible. 

February 11

1 pm Eastern

We’re going teach you all about how you can participate in our upcoming JV giveaway that opens its doors to JV partners in March.
Just for registering for the call, you’ll get our Divine JV Giveaway Checklist.  This checklist will help you keep track of all of the details you need to keep track of to be a successful JV partner!


Want to join in the fun? Here’s your link to get the details: 


Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

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