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Time to scratch the itch

As I write this, I’m scratching an itch: a no-see-’em bite on my hand. Living in South Florida, biting bugs are a part of life. Only at my old house, I never noticed them. At this house, I notice them all the time because I’m outside, especially at times when they are out: dusk. 
I’ve discovered they come in 3 levels of itch:
    1) Mosquitoes. Itchy but only for a short period of time.
    2) No-see-’ems. Literally you don’t see these teeny-tiny bugs, but their bite stays with you for several days. And then there is the worst of the worst…
    3) Fire ants. These little things bite and instantly the sting and crazy itch begins. And then for the next couple of days the allergic reaction grows to the size of a quarter. Hard. Red. And oh, so itchy. And it lasts well over a week, and takes a month to fully disappear from the skin. Ugh. They are nasty little creatures.
I’ll take being mosquito-bait any day. Of course there are others, but those are the three that get me most often.
Do you feel itchy yet? 😉 
Seriously, why am I going into all of this buggy, itchy stuff?
Because manifesting is like itching. Wanting to create the thing that’s in your heart is like having something you just have to scratch, isn’t it? 
Sometimes, there’s a minor itch where it’s like yeah, that would be nice to have, but I can wait or it’s not really that big a deal. Sometimes it’s a serious itch: you think about it a lot and spend a lot of time trying to figure out how you can create it. And you pay attention when someone starts talking about it. (This was how I was with creating my business; it was a serious itch!)
What I know is this:
When you’re itching to create something really great in your life, that comes with the inevitable burn of fear.
Fear that sounds like “I don’t know if I can do that,” and “I’m afraid I’m not really up to creating that, but oh, I want it so badly!” and “I just don’t know how I could ever create that!” and so on.
And so we push it away. But the itch is still there… 
Tomorrow, you’re invited to work with me as we work through those thoughts and fears tomorrow on our monthly Divine New Moon Magic call. We’ll see if we can soothe them so that you can continue to create what you are hear to create (without the burn).
Want to know more? (Click on the graphic below for more information). 
Thursday, September 17
 Noon Eastern 
Manifest Your Powerful, Prosperous Month!
Yes, there will be a replay, lovey, so if you don’t make it live, you can listen later. And if you’ve already signed up for this monthly call, you don’t need to sign up again (unless you have a new email addy).
Oh, and by the way, be sure to write down what you are itching to create in this next moon cycle, because we are now in those yummy New Moon energies!
I hope I see you there!  (It’s free by the way.)

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