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Today is my birthday

Hello Divine Ones –

Birthday1-smToday is my birthday.  YAY!  Happy Birthday, Anne!  

Because I’ve recently made a decision to do more sharing on my blog about what’s going on in my business and in my life, I thought I’d share a little inside view of what I’m doing today.

Years ago, when I was working in my job – before my daughter was born – I gifted myself the gift of taking the day off on my birthday.  It was such a luscious, guilty pleasure (at that time) that I decided that I was going to do that for myself from then on.

Well, of course I didn’t always make it.  There have been many birthdays that I wasn’t able to take the day of for one reason or another, but there were also many birthdays that I spent doing exactly as I pleased.  Even if it was just reading a book.
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Transformation1-smToday, Mercury is retrograde, and while I’ve got tons of things to do, I honestly don’t feel like doing a one of them!  My office is piled high with file folders that need to be put into the new filing cabinet (which also needs to be wiped out and moved into its final perfect spot in my office), my office needs to be put back together after moving everything around, my website pages need to be updated, my ezine needs to be written, I’m in the middle of a launch and need to handle some things with that, I’m supposed to send out an email about a telesummit I’m on, and so on, and so on.  And I just can’t be bothered with any of it.

Yeah.  It happens.  Even to me.  🙂

What I have done is this:  Well, pretty much nothing.  I’ve talked with my daughter on the phone for about two hours.  (Her beautiful gift of time to me.)  I’ve talked with my mother on the phone (for far less time).  I’ve talked with my best friend on the phone for even less time as she had a very full day.  I played on Facebook and thanked all of my friends who are so sweetly taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.

And now my kitty, Pixie, has curled up into my arms and is happily purring.  So I’m typing this one-handed.

I’m basking.  I’m simply basking.

It’s almost as though I can’t think of what I “should be” doing.  My brain just isn’t interested.  My soul is saying “No worries, this will all be here tomorrow, too.  Just enjoy your day.”

And so, for now anyway, I bask.

And I just enjoy my birthday. [/toggle]


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