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Reading: Trusting Your Intuition = Abundance

Hey there, Divine One –

This week’s reading is all about trusting.  It is about trusting the guidance you are given and trusting yourself to understand and know that the guidance is correct.  Your cards are:

Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings
Wealth & Prosperity
We are all given intuitive guidance – through our 6th sense, our intuition.  But many times we don’t trust what we receive because we don’t understand it … or because we haven’t attuned ourselves to knowing how our intuition speaks to us specifically.
How does your intuition speak to you?
  • Are you clairaudient (clear hearing)?
  • Are you claircognizant (clear knowing)?
  • Are you clairvoyant (clear seeing)?
  • Are you clairsentient (clear feeling)?
Your guidance this week is to trust your Divine Downloads and allow yourself to be guided by the Divine. 
You are receiving accurate messages. 
Trust them.
  • Do you feel guided to do something?  Do it.
  • Do you feel guided to call someone?  Do it.
  • Do you feel guided to stay quiet and do nothing?  Do it.
  • Do you feel guided to take a class or program?  Do it.
Trust your guidance.  Always.  It will never lead you astray. 

And it will always lead you into wealth and prosperity, whatever that looks like for you.

Have a beautiful and oh, so Divine week!

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