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How to be unabashedly unafraid to shine your light

You are the light of the world.
Own it.


As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, have you ever experienced this?  You shine your light, you share your gifts, and it triggers someone else.

They feel a need to take you down.  They complain:

You didn’t do this right. 

You didn’t say that right. 

You should have done [fill in the blank].

Why didn’t you [fill in the blank]?

Ugh.  Part of being called by the Divine to share your gifts with the world seems to come with this little downside.  (At times.)

What the heck?

Yeah.  It happens.  To all of us.

Sometimes people need to let you know how uncomfortable or upset they are (and how it’s all your fault that they’re feeling that way).

Sometimes they feel a need to put you back “in your place.”

And sometimes, they just need to vent.  (And you’re a handy space.)

Here’s the thing.  It’s not your fault.

And here’s the other thing:

When someone does this, it is a reflection of what is happening inside their world.

It actually has nothing to do with you.

Hard to believe, right?

It’s true. But the problem is, when this happens, it causes us to question ourselves. It causes us to wonder “are they right?”

By the way, it’s not a bad thing to question yourself, because to be so absolutely certain of yourself that you never let someone else’s feedback or comments in is to be, well, arrogant and closed-minded.

But there’s big difference between being open to hearing someone’s feedback and allowing their “shoulds” run your life, don’t you think?

And there’s a big difference between someone giving you feedback and spitting vile.

In both of these cases, we’re talking about the latter situation.

So how do you manage to be unabashedly unafraid to shine your light … especially when you know that there will be people who will not like it (and who will let you know)?

That’s the question, isn’t it?  I’ve given this some serious thought, and I’ve come up with a few tools that you can put into your Divine toolbox the next time someone behaves badly toward you and your beautiful light.

1)       Notice tone of the complaint. Are they taking responsibility for their experience? Or are they blaming you for their experience? If it is the latter, then it’s time to do #2.

2)      Ask Archangel Michael to clear the energetic cords between the two of you. Call upon your Divine Team to get support and help when someone’s unrealistic expectations or inappropriate expression of those expectations get targeted your way.

3)      Leave. Leave the conversation. Leave the situation. Don’t feed it by staying there. Give yourself some space to get calm, get connected, and get clear.

4)      Recognize that it is their stuff being vomited onto you. Recognizing this is half the challenge. Once you realize it is their stuff – their trigger, their pain, their fears, their unrealistic expectations – then you can more easily let it stay there with them. And once you do this, then do #5.

5)       Say a prayer for them and for yourself. Ask the Divine to transmute the ugly energy into light. Ask for guidance in what to say, and how to say it. (Sometimes, this may be after the fact, but that’s ok. It’s never too late.)

6)      Ask the angels for protection. This is one of the most powerful things you can do. Ask that the angels protect your business, your website, your team, your finances, your programs, your social media, your home, your life, your loved ones, etc. Ask. They will provide it, but you have to ask.

7)       Put a bubble of light around you, your business, your website, your team, your finances, your programs, your social media, your home, your life, your car, your loved ones, etc. Ask that only love be allowed in, and that anything other than love gets transmuted to light

8)      Choose to shine your light. Own your brilliance. Own your gifts. And most of all, own your Divine right to shine your light. Remember: You are not who they say you are; you are who the Divine says you are.

You are amazing, brilliant, beautiful, powerful, sacred, holy, joyous, loving, stunning, dazzling, magnificent, radiant, enchanting, blessed, rich, abundant, whole, delicious, delightful, ordained, luminous, and DIVINE!Shine Your Light


THAT is who you are. And anybody who says otherwise says so because they cannot see their own light and they are afraid of yours. Let them go…

… and go shine your light.





Your people are waiting.  Go shine.





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