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Use this fun tool for manifesting

At the Divine Diamond retreat this year, we did something really fun. We created altars for our businesses.

Now I’ve known about altars for years now and I’ve had altars, but they were rather general. I had never done a specific business altar but had thought about it. More recently, I’d been thinking about doing one for my new office but I just “hadn’t gotten around to it.”  (Sound familiar?)

So, at the retreat, we took three sessions and really took a deep dive into what we wanted to create in our businesses. 

In the first session we got clear. What did we want …

  • For clients – both our experience and theirs?
  • For income?
  • For marketing?
  • For our health?
  • For our mindset?
  • For our relationships?
  • For our teams?
  • And so on.

On our second session, we brainstormed what would be a great representation of what we wanted. (Got tchotckes? Here’s a great use of them.)

And then on our third and final session, we shared our altars. We talked about the meanings of the different pieces that made up the altars and what energy they hold from the intentions we set that first day.

And then we consecrated the altars with a beautiful blessing.

It was powerful, powerful, powerful.  And oh, so much fun! Here’s a peek at what mine looks like. I won’t explain it, but each piece has meaning and holds the energy of certain desires for me. And it’s set on top of a piece of furniture that represents something very important to me. So all of the pieces are filled with tons of meaning.

Nowadays, when I walk by my altar, I press the easy button. And smile. Because “That was easy!” is such a fun affirmation to hear! Ease is a consistent thing I want in my business, and I set the intention for it to be so.

And when something specific happens that was easy, I press the easy button.

It’s a little celebration. It’s a little way of reprogramming my brain, of helping me deepen beliefs of easy and flow. Of actually creating ease and flow.

I’m also noticing that the other things holding the energy of my intentions are getting activated, as well. Those desires I got clear about, those intentions I set, are getting activated. In a good way. Some things (and even people) are leaving my experience, leaving my world, leaving my business, and others coming in. And I can see that the changes are all related to the altar.

Because the altar is a continual reminder of my intentions. Whether I stand in front of it or just walk past, it’s there. It helps me focus on doing what I need to do to create what it is I said I want to create.

And that’s pretty darned powerful.

Here’s a suggestion: if you feel so inspired, go create your own altar for whatever you have in your heart. And then watch things begin to come into manifestation!


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