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Visibility. That’s a word that can shake an intuitive up. Videos. Yeah. That’s another one. Put them together and you’ve got “AAGGGHHH!!!”

Visibility is all about being seen and heard. The fear most intuitives have about visibility is being judged and found wanting.

How many of us remember all of the judgment of elementary school? 

  • In the lunch room “Will they sit with me?”
  • On the playground “Will they play with me?”
  • To the party “Will I be invited?”
  • In the front of the room “Will they laugh at me?”

And let’s not even talk about an actual trauma where you pee your pants in front of the class or get yelled at by your teacher!

And then we move into middle school and high school, and the judgment about looks and clothes and weight takes over. 

  • Am I pretty enough?
  • Am I  smart enough?
  • Am I thin enough?
  • Am I popular enough?

And the answer was usually no.

In our adult years, we work through lots of that stuff. We come into our true work and it fills us with delight. We become good at it. Then we decide to make a living at it.

Oh sh*t.

All of a sudden all of the crap that we experienced growing up comes back up to us and bites us.  Because we realize we need to be VISIBLE. And we have to work through it again at a whole new level. And so we hide. To stay safe. To stay away from judgment.

And that stuff, right there?  That stuff that says you aren’t pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, thin enough, popular enough, blah, blah, blah enough… that’s the stuff we will be working through in the 25 Clients in 25 Days program. But in a fun way, not a traumatic way.

You see, if you’re not being visible, your clients can’t find you. And if you’re not being visible and your clients can’t find you, then you’re going to have a big problem making enough money.

Look, you need to be visible, you really do.  THEY need you to be visible.

So come and get visible. Get rid of the fear of being visible. Get rid of the fear of judgment. Get rid of the fear of being seen by your peers and your peeps. (Because they really want to find you, they really do!)

25 Clients in 25 Days
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Oh, and by the way, come play with me tomorrow on Facebook. I’m doing another Facebook Live at 1 pm Eastern.  

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/rev.anne.presuel

(You know, I did what I’m telling you to do here: I’ve tapped on my complete unwillingness to do videos! And look what’s happened!!!)


Until next time, lovey…


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