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Want to tap in some Abundance?

Back in 2002, I learned EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping as it is now called.


EFT transformed my life.

  • It gave me my business.
  • It gave my my sweetie pie hubby.
  • It gave me a way to heal from trauma.
  • It gave me a way to change my beliefs.
  • It gave me abundance.

Ok, put the brakes on.

It gave you abundance?

Yep.  It gave me a new way to think about abundance and mo*ney.  It helped me get out of my lack thinking and step into a whole new way of experiencing abundance.

So I thought I’d start something new for you.  Something that could help you transform your experience of mo*ney, too.  Something that could help you realize how much abundance you have in your life already.

And so…  Ta-Da!

You are going to start getting tapping audios on a regular basis.  While I KNOW you LOVE reading all of my ezines 😉 I also know that without the tapping, I would not be where I am today. 

Sooo, without further ado, here is the first of many tapping audios.  I like to call it Tapping Into the Divine.  (Isn’t that  an awesome name?)

Audio #1)  Manifesting Abundance 

If you don’t know where the tapping points are, just go to here to see where they are.


So, listen to the audios and tap along with them or not… either way is good. 

Now, go get your Divine ON!

Hugs, Anne



1 thought on “Want to tap in some Abundance?”

  1. Thank you for this juicy tapping session. Rev. Anne! I love the wholeheartedness and conviction with which you lead us to claim our Divine Inheritance. Bravo!

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