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What Do I Write? 3 Easy Ways to Activate Your Divine Downloads

As Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we have a lot of sharing to do.  Sharing of our knowledge, our ways of doing our work, and of our values or beliefs.

Sharing that looks like writing.  Writing blogs.  Writing books.  Writing programs.  Writing newsletters.  Writing COPY for any and all promotions or offerings.


It’s alot.  And the larger your business grows, the more you need to write.

But sometimes, you just end up sitting at the computer screen (or paper) and nothing comes.

But you can feel it.  As an intuitive you can feel it swirling around you, wanting to be birthed into words, into concepts, into clarity.

But … nothing.  This is when it gets so easy to be distracted by other things..


So how do you get the creative juices flowing so that you can write what it is you need to write?

I’m so glad you asked.  Here’s what to do.

1)      Talk with someone. When you talk with someone who can listen and ask questions, it will help you get focused on what it is you want to do. Take notes.

Most of all, ask yourself this #1 question: What is the transformation I want my client to experience as a result of participating in or reading a) this class, b) this page, c) this email, etc.

2)      Decide. Get grounded. Get present. (I also get coffee.)  Tap. Pray. Ask for guidance. Bottom line: make the decision to write.

3)      Start writing. Once you know what the transformation is, just start. Go deeper and determine 3-5 important points you want to be sure to share, and be sure you have them written down. Bottom line: just start.

Starting allows the flow to begin. If you wait until you know exactly what you’re going to write, you won’t write. You’ll wait. And then nothing gets written. But if you begin, the very act of beginning allows your connection to open and you will begin to receive.


When I first learned how to channel, it was the same thing. I just had to begin. Often I wasn’t given the words of a whole sentence until I said the first word or two. I was saying words but never knowing where they were going. It’s the same with writing.

Opening to the Divine to receive your Divine Downloads requires faith. It requires that you allow yourself to just get started. Because the rest will follow.

So, get clear about what the transformation is you want your people to receive, get grounded, and then get started. Your Divine Download will flow!




2 thoughts on “What Do I Write? 3 Easy Ways to Activate Your Divine Downloads”

  1. Thanks for the reminder in #3….Start Writing. It is so true what you shared, …”the very act of beginning allows your connection to open and you will begin to receive.”

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