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What Do You REALLY Want?

Last Thursday, my daughter, my only baby, graduated from college. And the Saturday before that, my nephew graduated from college. (Exciting, huh? Oh, yeah, Baby!)



When asked about their futures, they had similar answers, but very different plans. My daughter, Christina, wants to get a job in her field of theatre. And she’s engaged to be married, so she’s full of wedding plans. My nephew, Rob, is heading to law school in the fall. Different plans. And both of them say they really don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Similar answers.

Yet they both want the same things: happiness, love, fulfillment, abundance, freedom, peace of mind. We all want that, don’t we? (I know I do.)

So the question really isn’t “What plans do you have for your future?” or “What are you going to do now?” (although those are the most commonly-asked questions of people their age). Rather, the question is “What is it that you want in your life?”

Or even more to the point “Who are you going to be (and what are you going to think) to create what it is you that want?” Of course, nobody would really ask that question to someone they just met. That’s a very intimate, very personal question.

So, I’ll ask it here, for you to ask yourself: “Who am I going to be, and what am I going to think, to create what it is I want in my life?”

Hmmm… let’s just back it up a little bit further.

Let me ask this question: “What is it that I want in my life anyway?” Most of us think of what we want in life as the avenue through which what we REALLY want is attained or traveled.

For example, let’s just say I met someone who wants to be a chef. And I ask them “What is it about being a chef that you love?” Then they tell me “Oh, well, I love working with food.” (That’s the avenue through which what they REALLY want is attained.)

Then I might ask them, “Great! So what is it about working with food that you love?” They may say, “I love tasting it, and I love creating something beautiful and delicious.” (Still more of the avenue, but we are getting closer to the heart of what it is they really want.)

So I then would ask, “What is it about creating that you love?” And they might say, “Well, I get into a space where everything just falls away, and I become one with the food.”

Well, dear ones, then THAT right there is what you want in your life. It is the connection to Spirit, to the Divine that you are seeking. And it is through the avenue of being a chef that it is attained.

You can try this out with anything you want in your life. Say, for example, you want to be in a loving relationship. Then you can ask yourself “What is it about being in a loving relationship that I love?” You’ll begin to see that it isn’t about having another person in your life, but rather it is about the connection you have with that person that is the expression of Divinity itself – and that is what you ultimately want.

And the happiness, peace of mind, abundance, love, fulfillment and freedom that I mentioned above? Well, they are all simply expressions of that connection.

The more we connect to Divinity or Spirit, the more we experience those characteristics – no matter what we do in our lives. When we be connection, we then experience the fruits of that beingness.

So, what is it that you really want in your life?


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