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What Have You Done for Me Lately?

A teleseminar for you!

Friday, May 12, at 12 Noon Eastern

Clients at Your Fingertips
Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients
with this One Simple Technique!

My sob story

One of the most surprising things I discovered about being in business is this ongoing requirement (insert a better word than requirement if you will) to offer value and continually engage my market. (read “marketing” here – lol)

I think that on some level I used to think “Once someone is on my list, they’ll stay on my list and want to hear from me” and “Once someone becomes a client, they’ll attend all of the calls and be engaged in what I offer.”

HA! Not.

Even the Divine Diamond retreat saw a number of Diamonds (who are paying money each month!) who didn’t/couldn’t attend. Each one had good reasons and I understand why, but my point is that whenever you offer something – whatever it is – you need to know yourself, and communicate with your people, why someone would want to take advantage of your offer.


What this means for you

A perfect example is this upcoming course: 25 Clients in 25 Days.

You see, I know what’s available to every person who says yes to this class. I know the energy & mindset shifts they’ll make during our time together. I know that they will find that creating clients will become easier because of those shifts.

I know this. Inside and out.
I know it with my very being.

But I also know people are busy. Ane they have all kinds of reasons for not doing this.

  • Some aren’t really sure about the tapping.
  • Some feel uncomfortable (or even overwhelmed) with the idea of 25 clients in such a short period of time.
  • Some are afraid to expand their energy to allow more abundance in.
  • Some feel like it’s a ridiculous idea to create that many clients in that short period of time.

Hey, I get it.

But what they don’t know is that we will be
clearing out the beliefs that are behind
all of those thoughts and feelings, like:

  • I’m overwhelmed
  • It’s too many people
  • I wouldn’t know how to take care of that many clients!
  • What a ridiculous idea!
  • I’m too busy.
  • I don’t want that many clients (I just want [insert # here].)

Look, if you have all the clients you can handle, then great!

But if you feel at all challenged about getting enough clients, then please hop onto Friday’s call with me.


Here’s what you’ll get:

How you can easily shift your beliefs to support your vision instead of fighting it.

How you can go from saying (in your head) “No way that would work for me” to “Ok, that’s possible” and even “Bring it, baby!”

What you’ll learn on Friday is how I created my incredible husband in my life. You should have heard my head screaming about how I couldn’t create the kind of love I wanted, and how I didn’t deserve it! Not only that, but I’ve done this as I’ve created my business, too.

Most of all, you’ll get access to some live tapping on getting clients, which will help you no matter what is going on with you!

Clients at Your Fingertips
Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients
with this One Simple Technique!


Your Divine Question

What is your biggest challenge when it comes
to getting clients? 

What belief is behind that challenge?

Until next time, lovey…



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