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What is cynicism costing you?

Years ago, I took a course called “The Forum” from Landmark Education. That course transformed my life. I learned so much! Like how to be a person of integrity by keeping my word, like how important it is to clean things up when you do break your word, and so much more.  But for purposes of this email, I want to share what I learned about the power of cynicism.
Cynicism. That “yeah right!” inner conversation. That part of you that says “No I can’t do that, because I’m too [fill-in-the-blank]” or “It’s too hard because [fill-in-the-blank reason].”  
You know, that part. Sometimes people call that “being realistic.” And sometimes they say things like “get your head out of the clouds.”
But the danger in listening to that voice is this: you question everything.
When an opportunity comes along, you question it. And maybe even dismiss it. “No, that won’t work.”  Because the “yeah, right!” part is speaking up so loudly.
You question whether it’s possible to do it. “Yeah right!” (One reason it may be so loud is if you’ve tried something like that before and “it didn’t work.”
That voice wants to keep you safe. It wants to keep you from going too fast, from getting your hopes up too much. It wants to keep you from getting hurt.
But that voice will also keep you
from spreading your wings and flying.
It will keep you from success.
It is a powerful voice. (And we all have it!)  
The good news is that we can quiet the voice down. We can soften it. We can thank it for sharing its concerns, and then go ahead and take action anyway.
We can give it another job: that of cheerleader and supporter.
I don’t know about you, but I’d far rather my inner voice be a cheerleader than a cynic!  Because … well, heck, when it’s cheerleading me, I have a boatload more confidence about everything I’m trying to do. Not to mention that things actually go better because of that confidence.
Your inner voice – the critic or the cheerleader – is there regardless of which one is speaking. So, you might as well turn her into a cheerleader.

The #1 way I turned my inner critic into a cheerleader is by tapping. I heard what my inner critic was saying (it was a lot!) and I worked on clearing out those beliefs. Tapping works. Beautifully. 
I’ve seen it work over and over and over and over and over again. Not just with me, but with clients, friends, family members, and even strangers.
There are millions of people who will attest to the power of this simple energy technique. (Don’t believe me? Google “Tapping” or “Emotional Freedom Technique” and you’ll get tons of info about it.)
It’s one of the most powerful techniques I use to help healers, intuitives and coaches clear their beliefs about creating businesses they want. And after tapping, they go take action. This includes getting clients and making money.
So here’s an incredible opportunity to tap on your beliefs about being able to create and have clients.
It’s called 25 Clients in 25 Days.
Over the course of 5 weeks, we’ll be tapping (daily!) on the beliefs you and others have about being able to create an abundance of clients (and getting them quickly!). It will be a lot of fun and you’ll even get the downloads of the calls for later use.
But what you’ll really get is this:
A significant increase in your ability
to create an abundance of clients.
By the way, if you just thought “Yeah right” then that’s your inner critic talking. And that’s the piece we’ll be soothing in this program.
So if you’re interested in changing your inner critic into a cheerleader, then please go to the link below and sign up.
5 Weeks of Mindset Magic – 
Fill Your Client List (and Your Programs) Easily!
See you in the program, lovey… (I hope) 🙂
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