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What is Your Aura Telling You?



Your aura, or the energy body that surrounds your body, is a sensitive detection system, which detects the subtle energies around you.


Your aura surrounds your body like an invisible field, it actually goes before you, picking up information and transmitting that information to you through your body’s responses.


Have you ever gone into a situation, or a place that just doesn’t feel right, but you just don’t know why?  It’s your aura picking up information.  Have you ever met someone you instantly connected with?  Your aura was letting you know.


In order to understand more completely what your aura is telling you, the next time you get a flash of information about something, take a moment to stop and ask yourself what happened, or what that information was about.


Then just pay attention to the new information you get: it might be colors, or flashes of an image or you might get thoughts and words.  Notice it all, and then thank your energy body for giving you the information.


By paying attention to your energy body, you will strengthen your trust in your own ability to read situations and people, and you will be able to get information about the truth of a situation, even if it appears to be something different.


Happy intuiting!




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