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What legacy are you leaving?


This week was Memorial Day in the US … a day of remembering and honoring the veterans who were willing to take a stand for our country and its freedom.

To many, it is the beginning of summer. Pools open across the country and people begin to enjoy the warmth and relaxing days that summer brings.

I thought a lot about my own grandfather this weekend: George Marsh, a doctor who served in Europe in World War II, and who wouldn’t carry a weapon. Even while he served, he chose to honor his spiritual beliefs.

And I thought about my grandmother, Evelyn Marsh, a nurse who served others with tremendous love, and who became paralyzed from a car accident in her early 60s.

Even though she was wheel-chair bound, she learned to drive a car and for 15 years refused to let my grandfather put a handicapped license plate on the car. “I’m NOT handicapped!” she declared.  (Finally, one day, he went to the motor vehicle department and got a plate, much to her dismay.)

I realized I come from a long line of Divinely-led, powerful healers, many of whom were trained in more traditional roles as doctors and nurses. My own healing work has taken a different form from theirs, and I noticed that I have received these gifts from them:

  • a determination to take a stand about things I feel passionate about,
  • a willingness to make declarations to the world around me, and
  • a conviction to be authentic, regardless of what others think or say.

This was their legacy. I am their legacy. I feel honored to be following in my grandparent’s footsteps.

What legacy are you leaving?




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