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Hi, Divine One –
The funny thing about making a decision to do something is that while you are inspired to take the action and it feels great to make the decision, the next step is well… implementing the decision and dealing with the stuff that comes up as you go to implement.
That’s what I faced today: how to implement this fun, new, exciting decision to share my life with you in the next six weeks through these Divine Dailies.
When I thought about writing the first one, I became aware of the questions and doubts rolling around in my head… “Omg… what have I done? What will I write about? What is my end game here? Why did I decide to do this anyway?” And so on.
WTF?! Surely at this point in my business I’ve grown beyond the inner head crap that gets kicked up when I make a decision like this.
Apparently not.
So today’s Divine Daily is all about what happens when we take a stand for something we want, and particularly when we commit to creating it.
Expect your resistance to show up.
Expect your doubts and fears and concerns to have their way with you, and expect that you’ll want to run away from doing it, that you’ll want to procrastinate, and you’ll want to wiggle away from fulfilling on your commitment.
It’s just human nature.
So, for example, say you decide you want to launch a teleseminar series to build your list. You’re excited about the idea: you love the concept of connecting with your market at a deeper level, of showing up as someone who can help them solve their challenges, and with building your list.
It’s a wonderful idea, right?
Absolutely. And then the doubts come. “Who’s going to sign up? I don’t know what to say! I don’t know what to do afterward. I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work so well. I don’t know how to even get people onto the phone! I get shy when I’m on the call leading it. I don’t really know how to market it very well. I don’t understand all the tech ideas of how to create that anyway.” And so on.
If you listen to the doubts, you’ll decide “Oh, I might as well not do it and just save myself the time and energy. Why bother?”
On the other hand, if you know how to move through your doubts and fears (using tapping or some other type of energy self-healing work), then you’ll tap on those thoughts and fears, and they’ll get released.
It’s like magic. Magic for your business, and magic for your life.
And what happens next is that you take the action you wanted to take (like this blog). And your business grows. You get stuff done. You fulfill on what you said you would do.
But it all starts with making a decision to do something.
So, Divine One:  What actions do you need to take that you’ve been procrastinating on taking?
Make a list and pick one, and just go do it. Tell someone that you’re going to do it, because telling them will keep you accountable.
And that’s how it gets done.
Until tomorrow…

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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