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What would you do with $25,000?

I’ve been dreaming of a house.  My dream house.  One that has captured my heart and my imagination.  I’ve found it, and it’s for sale… for more money than I’ve ever paid for a home before (or even considered!). 
So, I’m working on my own beliefs about my ability to
1) create a sizeable downpayment for this beautiful home, and
2) be able to pay for it for the next however many years.
To give you an idea of how magical this home is to me, here’s a photo of what a small part of the back yard looks like with the beautiful wildlife, so you can see for yourself. 
To say I’m besotted is, well, an understatement.  🙂
I started this email with the question “What would you do with $25,000?”  (I’m sure you know that I’d put that $25,000 right toward the downpayment of my home.)
What is your dream? 
What calls you forward? 
What is that special something that speaks to your heart so deeply that you will step up and say “Oh, heck yeah!” 
What is that calling you?
I believe that if we have
a dream in our hearts,
we also have a way to create it. 
We may not see the way in the moment, but it’s there.  And it’s up to us to be the space of possibility so that the Divine can show that path to us.
I believe you can create your dream, just as I believe I can create mine.  Usually our dreams cost money to manifest, right?
What if you could clear your beliefs about being able to create the money to create that dream?  What if you could just create it? With ease.
Wouldn’t that be worth doing? Wouldn’t that be worth having?
Wouldn’t it be worth being someone who could do that?
If so, then come play with me over the next 5 weeks and let’s clear out our beliefs about our ability to create money quickly.
Here’s how it will work… 
We’re going to meet for 5 days a week for 5 weeks (25 days), and tap for about 25 minutes each day.
We also chat about beliefs and triggers, just so you know. I allot an hour a day for this program. You might want to do the same.
We’re going to use one of the most powerful energy techniques I know of to clear your beliefs of any “yeah, right!” energy so that you can move past that stuff and go create the money you want.
And it is just …
Just $25 for 25 days of clearing MONEY beliefs.
This should be a no-brainer.  It’s completely affordable, and if you clear just ONE belief, it’s worth so much more than the cost of the program.  So much more.  (Because you clear beliefs for life!)
And you will clear far more than just one belief.  So give yourself a chance to see what’s possible. 
If you’re worried about not being available all of that time, then don’t be concerned about that.  Replays are available, of course!
C’mon, Divine One, let’s play together... Let’s clear away some of those beliefs that say you can’t make really great money in your business!  (And then watch the magic happen!)
I hope I’ll see you there! 
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