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What’s Your Impatience Factor?

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One of the challenges that many people face when developing their intuition is what I call the Impatience Factor.  Our minds want to understand right here, right now, what the intuitive hit means.


However, oftentimes we are given only pieces of information.  (Think of it as putting together a puzzle.)  When our ego gets involved and wants to understand the whole picture and even demands to understand the whole picture, this is when we get into trouble, this is when we get into doubt, and this is when we fall into not trusting our intuition.


And we begin to think that we must understand it all right now, or there’s something wrong with us, or that this intuition thing doesn’t work.


That is not it the case at all.  Rather, it is simply that you have been given a piece of information.  If you can set it to the side and wait for more information to come, then you’ll begin to see how you are being led intuitively.


Check to see your own Impatience Factor.  How high is it?  See if you can allow the information to come to you without demanding that you understand everything right here, right now.  If you can do this, you will have gone a long way to developing trust in your intuition.




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