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When things don’t work out, what do you do? Part 1

Dear Anne:

I recently started my business and offered a workshop that I’m really excited about. And I had only a few people show up.  It was a good workshop, but that was an awful lot of work for just a few people.

I don’t know what I did wrong and I feel very discouraged, and even afraid to offer something again because I’m afraid people won’t come.  I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t; this information is so valuable and it can change their lives.  

What can I do differently to be sure that people will show up?  



Dear Divine One –

This is such a great question!  And you are definitely not alone in this experience.  A lot of spiritual entrepreneurs suffer from lackluster responses to their offerings, and it can be very discouraging.

Fortunately, there is an answer.  When you are creating something – whether online or offline – you want to be paying attention and nurturing two parts of your offering:  the unseen (the energetic part – your connection to your prospects, your own energy) and the seen (your marketing, your copy, the invitation itself, the name of the workshop, etc.).

In Part 1 of this article, we’ll address the unseen, or the energetic part.  Part 2 (next week) will address the seen – your marketing, your copy, the invitation, the name of your offering, etc.

There are several tools in the Divinely Intuitive™ toolbox to help you out with this.  Before you even begin planning your workshop, class or event (in person or online), pull out the following tools:

1)    Set an intention for your offering.  To help you get clear, answer these questions:

a)    What do I want to create?
b)    How do I want to feel at the end of this program?
c)    What is the transformation I want my attendees to experience?
d)    How do I want them to feel at the end of this program?

Meditation and Prayer2)    Ask your angels and guides:

a)    to connect you to your participant’s angels and guides;
b)    tell them what you want to provide for your participants;
c)    ask them to intervene by:

1.    guiding your participant to your information, and
2.    helping them understand how it will help them get what they want.

d)    Then, thank them for their help.

3)    Get very clear about your own beliefs about your workshop, your capabilities, and your market’s interest in what you are offering, and then do the inner work to clear out any fears you may have about:

a)    being the leader;
b)    providing enough value;
c)    being good enough, smart enough, or whatever enough;
d)    being responsible for their transformation,
e)    having nobody show up, or be interested in your offer,
f)    having to have it be too hard to create, market, provide value, or whatever,

and so on.

Clear your energy and you will have a much better response to your offers.


Great Love

4)    Claim your birthright.  You are here to do wonderful things with your work and your life.  Own it by holding the energetic space of possibility for yourself to step into.  This looks like:

a)    Envisioning yourself in front of your people at your event, with them being engaged and interested in what you are offering teaching;
b)    Speaking your faith (not your fear!) about your success.  Affirm your success, affirm your vision, affirm your birthright.
c)    Focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want.  Over and over again.  (until you have it)

5)    Heart Light Energy Technique.  This visualization will connect your heart and your energy field with your prospective attendees’ hearts and energy fields.

a)    Feel the beautiful energy of the earth moving up through your feet, through your body, all the way up to your heart.

b)    See the beautiful energy of the Divine moving down through the top of your head, through your body, reaching your heart and blending with the earth energy.

c)    Imagine the beautiful energies expanding outward from your heart and surrounding your body.  Your entire body and aura (the energy field surrounding your body) is now filled and surrounded by the Light of the Divine.  

d)    Ask your guides and angels to connect you to the hearts of your prospective clients/participants.

Heart Lightse)    See the light moving out from your heart to the hearts of your participants, connecting you.  

f)    Draw them to you.  Bring them into your energy field.  Know that ONLY those for whom it is in your (and their) highest and best good will respond.

g)    See them coming to you, hear them picking up the phone and calling you, making appointments with you and signing up for your program.

h)    Feel the fullness of this deep connection with them.

i)    Thank them for signing up, and tell them what they will receive.  Tell them you are excited to serve them and help them get where they want to go.

j)    Thank their guides and angels for helping them connect with you, and thank your guides and angels for connecting with them.

k)    Take a deep breath and ask yourself what you need to be able to anchor in and remember this Truth.  Do you need an affirmation?  Do you need a picture?  Music?  Do you need a little totem (like a crystal or a rock or a feather)?  Whatever that is, provide it for yourself.

Taking care of the inner work – your energy – while you are creating a launch, an event, a program, product or service will support you immensely in having a successful experience offering it to your Divine tribe. 

Many times, this is the piece that stops everything in its tracks.  Your work is to be that clear channel for or expression of the Divine.  These Divinely Intuitive™ tools will help you do that.



Now go get your Divine ON!


By the way, if you like what you read, please leave a comment below.  I always love hearing from you.  (And did you know it helps you out, too?  Well, that’s another article, for another day.)


6 thoughts on “When things don’t work out, what do you do? Part 1”

  1. Dear Anne,

    Another splendid article! I’ve had events that came off perfectly and ones that didn’t meet my expectations, but I had never noticed the pattern of inner work / belief systems — and now it totally makes sense.

    Thanks especially for including the piece about connecting to our angels and guides, and then linking to the clients’ angels and guides, to ask how best to serve our clients. Beautiful!

    You are really doing your Divine dharma here. May you be blessed many more times than you have blessed us.


  2. I like this beautiful descriprion. I never imagine how is important to be in touch with my prospect clients angels. I found it very inclusive, rich, fook of inspiration, guidance. I am living now for some rest, but I will take it with me as a blessed guide to find all answers and images which will come during the process. All my blessing to you!

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  4. So many of us go into fears and with the wrong intention. This article is a great reminder that we are here to serve and that by focusing on our heart’s intention, everything else will flow.

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