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When things don’t work out, what do you do? Part 2

In our last ezine, we talked about why things sometimes don’t work out when we put together a workshop or class. 

We talked about the inner piece – the energy  – of your offerings. 

This week, we’re going to talk about the outer piece – the invitation, the offering itself, the copy – which will get more people into your program.

Here is the original question:


Dear Anne:

I recently started my business and offered a workshop that I’m really excited about. And I had only a few people show up.  It was a good workshop, but that was an awful lot of work for just a few people.

I don’t know what I did wrong and I feel very discouraged, and even afraid to offer something again because I’m afraid people won’t come.  I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t; this information is so valuable and it can change their lives.  

What can I do differently to be sure that people will show up?





Dear Divine One –

When you are creating something – whether online or offline – you want to pay close attention and nurture two parts of your offering:  the unseen (the energetic part – your connection to your prospects, your own energy) and the seen (your marketing, your copy, the invitation itself, the name of the workshop, etc.).

In this issue, we will address the seen.  Because without it, your offer will fall flat. 

To begin with, a good name for your offer is essential.  Something that makes your people want it.  Something that is tangible, results-based, and juicy.  

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about setting an intention for your offer, and you had the exercises to do when you do this.  The name of your offer will come from those exercises. 

What do you want your participants to walk away with from your program?

1)    Begin by making a list of words and phrases that you like that represent that promise.

a.     Go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and type in keywords and get some help with the words if you have a hard time thinking of some.

b.    Get your thesaurus out and search for words that make you light up.

2)    Then do some research on good copy headlines.  See what other people call their workshops to get more ideas. 

3)    Brainstorm a name.  Keep going until you like what you get.  Sometimes, I write lots of names down and then come back to them a day or so later.  I keep doing that until I hit upon the right name for my offer. 

4)    Start a swipe file for future projects of headlines, keywords and phrases you like.  (A swipe file is an essential tool for all businesses – you aren’t swiping someone else’s genius; rather you are using it as a model to inspire you to create your own.)

5)    Once you have a name you are happy with, come up with as many tangible results your people will receive from taking your program.  This will be for your copy.  (This is a brainstorming session.  Don’t edit here, just brainstorm.)

6)    Now that you have your list of tangible results, you can edit.  Edit it down to the top 5-7.  Be sure to make these tangible.  The way to know that something is tangible (specific) is to write the words “so that” after the result.  For example:

a.     “A promise of my workshop is confidence.”  Great!  They will get confidence so that they can do, be or have what?  If they have confidence it is so that they can go to networking meetings and introduce themselves without cringing inside.  That’s a tangible.

b.    “A promise of my workshop is peace of mind.”  Great!  They will get peace of mind so that they can do, be or have what?  If they get peace of mind so that they can sleep well at night and wake up rested and feeling great without grasping for that cup of coffee first thing.  That’s good.  That’s tangible. 

7)    You can always take this to the next level, too, and go into these examples further (putting yourself in their shoes):

a.     If I go to a networking meeting and introduce myself confidently, I will be able to do, be or have what?

b.    If I sleep well at night and wake rested and feeling great, I will be able to do, be or have what? 

The deeper you go, the more tangible results you will come up with.  And the more tangible results you have, the more your people will be able to understand – and want – what you offer.

Once you understand that it is the results that people will pay for – in time and in money – then you will begin to fill your workshops and classes with enthusiastic, interested, happy-to-pay people. 

Take the time to do this for each of your offerings.  It is time-consuming, but totally worth it.

Happy offerings!



Now go get your Divine ON!


3 thoughts on “When things don’t work out, what do you do? Part 2”

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  2. This is a helpful article. I see this with a lot of spiritual teachers. They talk a lot about the nice-sounding theory of being more spiritually aware – but are losing people because the theory isn’t grounded into the practical real-life results.

    Also the unseen is so important. I try to stay in touch with my own energy as much as possible and sometimes it is just NOT the right time to be giving workshops and making sales. The energy is just not in alignment. Much better to do my inner work until intuition makes it clear that it’s time to make an offer, and listen closely to what kind of offer I’m supposed to make. Trying to sell coaching sessions for example when I don’t really feel like taking on more clients at that time is a recipe for an unsuccessful offer. So hopefully your article will help people be more aware of this. Thanks.

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