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When yes turns into omg, what did I just do?!

The Divine Leap

Last week, I shared about rescuing a horse from a kill pen in Pennsylvania (you can read about that on my website here: “This is for Black Beauty” if you missed it.)  I completely forgot to post a photo of him in the email and many of you asked, so here you go.  Here’s my Belgian beauty.


After tuning into him (and an animal communication reading with the oh, so wonderful Toni Cay Snyder – check her out on Facebook), he now has a name:  Sir Galahad.  (Sir Galahad was the knight who found the Holy Grail.  He was pure of spirit.  Fitting, wouldn’t you say?) 

He is recovering in a big comfy stall and is eating lots of yummy foods.  The vet saw him earlier this week, and now I’m working on figuring out the next steps:  how to get him down here, where to put him when he gets here, what to feed him, where to find hay, grain, a vet, a farrier, etc.  Heck, where to find a halter and what size to buy, even!

The questions seem endless…


Fallout from The Leap

Part of taking a leap of faith like this involves exactly that:  ok, what’s next? How do I do it? Where do I go? Where can I get the information that I need? Whom do I trust? 

What often happens when you do something like this – or when you hire a mentor or a team member – is that your mind can go crazy.  Thoughts like “omg, what did I just do?” and “Where am I going to get the money?” and “WTF was I thinking?!!!” (that last one is for those of us with potty mouths).

This is what’s been happening in my head this week.


Trusting vs Anxiety

I have enough experience in taking those Divine leaps of faith that I know that if I just tune in to my intuition and listen to that (not my head), all will be well.  The way will be shown, and I’ll figure it out.

First though, I have to get quiet enough to listen.  WE have to get quiet enough to listen. Because that’s where our answers are.

I’ve found that even when we get the answers, we still have to deal with the inevitable anxiety that arises. 


How do you do that? 

Tap.  Pray.  Tell yourself “you’ve got this.” Remind yourself that you were guided to take the action, so you are absolutely going to trust that guidence now. Remind yourself that the way WILL be shown. Do the energy techniques you know to reduce your anxiety. 

Do the inner work. Don’t just talk about it. Do it. 

I can’t emphasize how important it is to pull out your own healing tools and Just Do It.

Because this is where we really grow:  when we do our inner work around the fears and anxieties that arise from taking a leap of faith.  Because that frees us up to not only connect with our guidance, but then to actually take guided action.

Right now, I am seeing this guided action as taking the next step in finding a home with some acreage and stables.  My husband and I are looking at one tomorrow.  We’ll see if this is The One. We’ve had a rough 6-7 months of looking with no luck, but maybe tomorrow will be different. 

I do know this: I’m ready to have Sir Galahad close to me. 


God Winks

When you follow your guidance, pay close attention to the “God winks.”  They are everywhere!  Here’s one I received earlier this week about the house we are looking at tomorrow: when I went to look at it on Monday, two beautiful male peacocks were walking down the road close to the house when we drove up. 

Given one of the important things to me is to be able to have wild peacocks on my property, this delighted me to no end!


Your Divine Intuition

How does your intuition guide you – both in your business and in your life?  Do you trust it enough to follow the guidance it provides?  Do you trust it even when things get a bit bumpy? 

Most important, are you doing the work to release the anxiety that arises when you have followed your Divine guidance so that you can take the guided actions?


Go Get Your Divine ON!


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