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Why am I getting stopped?

Dear Anne:

Everytime I think I’m ready to really step up in my business and I take action to do something bigger, something always seems to happen to stop me. 

Whether it’s family or financial, I just don’t seem to be able to move ahead in my business in a big way. 

Why is this happening?





Dear Divine One –

I so love this question.  Because not only do I see my clients go through this situation all the time, I have experienced it myself … multiple times. 

And you’re going to love the answer.

Whenever you make a decision about something big, it can seem as though the Universe is conspiring against you.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” it seems to say, “You could do this instead.” 

Or worse yet, “You can’t do that!  You have to take care of [fix your car, take care of your child/parent/spouse, pay for a new roof, pay for sports/dance lessons].  It would be irresponsible of you to [buy that program, sponsor that event, work with that mentor]!” 

Guess what?  That’s not the Universe talking.  It’s your fear, your old programming, your old beliefs.  It’s your subconscious talking.

And it must be released or broken through in order for you to have what you want.  It must be broken through in order for you to create your Divinely-given vision.  It must be broken through in order for you to bless the world with your gifts in the way you know you are called to do. 

You see, your decision to take the action to move forward was the guidance of the Divine.  It was the Divine Whisper in your soul.  And you listened and began to take action. 

But then fear hit.  Circumstances appeared that told you otherwise. 

And you began to doubt yourself. 

Instead of listening to faith, you listened to fear.  You listened to the circumstances. 

Here’s the Divine Truth:  It is in the listening to – and taking action upon – your faith that will cause your world to transform.  It cannot be otherwise. 

You have been given a vision by the Divine.  In addition, the way to create that vision is also within and around you.  But it is your faith that activates the way for you to manifest that sacred vision.  As long as you are in fear, you cannot see the way.  You must let go of your fear in order to find your way.  You must stand in faith, or the way will not be shown.

The bottom line is this:  Trust what you are given.   Then take action upon it.  Because the stronger your faith, the quicker you will manifest.



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