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Why am I jealous of others’ success?


Dear Anne:

I’ve been really struggling with feeling envious of other coaches and healers who seem to be doing so well.  I want to be happy for them – and I am – but I also feel frustrated and upset that I’m missing out on something. 

I don’t understand how they seem to be effortlessly building their businesses, and I’m over here struggling to pay my bills and to get new clients.

Can you help? 




Dear Divine One –

What a fabulous question!  Thank you for having the courage to ask it.

In business – all businesses, not just Divinely-led businesses – there are times when you work really hard to find the Sweet Spot – that place where your marketing is drawing to you your Divine, ideal clients relatively effortlessly, and your message is reaching and inspiring others into action.

Usually, the really hard work, the questions you have to ask yourself, the confusion, the frustrations (your mindset) are particularly intense in the beginning of building your business.  It happens because:


The beginning of your business is all about
figuring things out. 

It’s all about learning who you are
in relationship to your prospective clients,
and to your market.

It’s all about learning how you help them
get what they want.

The early years are intense, frustrating and exhilarating!  Sometimes they are painful (things you thought you had in place – clients, marketing, programs – just didn’t work out), and sometimes you just want to quit. 

And when you see others around you doing well, being successful, signing clients, making money, and having experiences you ache for, it’s rough, right?  And you want to be happy for them, but well, you just don’t understand why they are having such luck, and you aren’t.

Ok, so let’s back the truck up.  Put on the brakes, and hold everything.

There are many, many reasons why one person seems to be successful and others aren’t.  Here are some:

1)   They have significant support in their lives (family, friends, mentors);

2)   They have fewer obligations in their lives (i.e., children, aging parents, job);

3)   They have more experience building a business than you do;

4)   They have been in business longer than you;

5)   They understand the relationship between message, marketing, sales (that sweet spot) a little better than you;

6)   They have more moxy than you, meaning:

a)   They aren’t afraid to be visible;

b)  They aren’t afraid to ask for the business;

7)   They have better tech skills, follow-up skills, sales skills, etc.;

and so on.


But the biggest reason, hands down, is:  Mindset. 


What are they thinking? 

What are they saying to themselves,
to others, and to the Universe?


One of my very favorite ministers, Joel Osteen, says

“Get in agreement with God about where you are going and who you are.” 

And one of my favorite teachers, Abraham-Hicks, says

“Get in alignment with the Divine with what you want.” 

They are both talking about mindset.  They are both talking about a little song called, “Our Thoughts are Prayers.”


Our Thoughts Are Prayers
Words and Music by Lucille K. Olson

Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying.
Our thoughts are prayers; be careful what you’re saying.
Seek a higher consciousness, a state of peacefulness,
And know that God is always there,
And every thought becomes a prayer.

Our thoughts are prayers, the tools that we create with.
Our thoughts are prayers, that Spirit resonates with.
Seek a higher consciousness, a state of mindfulness,
And know that God is always there,
And every thought becomes a prayer.


When you put out your prayers to the Universe, to Spirit, to the Divine, you are telling the Divine what it is you are expecting to receive … to co-create. 

If you want success, you must speak it into being. 

If you want love, you must speak it into being. 

If you want health, you must speak it into being.

If you want joy, you must speak it into being. 

If you want money in your bank account, you must speak it into being. 

If you want fabulous clients, you must speak them into being.


Get in agreement with God.

Get in alignment with the Divine.

Get Divinely Aligned.



Speak your future into being by talking as if it has already happened, or is currently happening

Be in alignment with the Divine by being so grateful and appreciative of what you do have.  Don’t speak of struggle.  Don’t even think it! 

If you currently have clients, be very grateful for them and take wonderful care of them.

Love your health; appreciate your body, be grateful for what you do have.

Appreciate the money you have; take beautiful care of it, tell it thank you.

Appreciate the love you have; take beautiful care of the ones giving it to you.

Loving something shows your appreciation.  It expands your energy, and it expands your ability to receive more.

And finally, ask yourself this question: what am I not willing to do to create what it is I want? 

Often times, you’ll discover this is where your breakthrough lies. 

For example, if you are unwilling to make follow-up phone calls to people, well then, guess what?  That’s exactly what you need to do to have what you want.  (And not just one time, either.  Do it until it becomes an easy, effortless experience.)

So, Divine One, forgive yourself for being envious, and ask yourself what you need to do to create what you want.  You’ll get your answer.  I promise.  (You just may not like what you get.  That’s ok.  Do it anyway – as long as it is appropriate and loving to yourself and others.)

And watch your business expand … exponentially!

Divine hugs to you,




Now go get your Divine ON!



3 thoughts on “Why am I jealous of others’ success?”

  1. Great article…A lesson I learned a long time ago…Sometimes things are not the way they look…ie happy couple get’s divorced? Try not to assume one way or another in life or someone’s business…It may surprise you that those you know nothing about are making money and those who make a lot of noise are not…We really don’t know unless we see their accounts…Lessons I’ve had to learn…

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