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Why are you building your business?

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Why do you do it?

Why are you building your business?


Hey there, Divine One –

Do you ask yourself why? Why are you building your business the way you are building it?

Button-QuestionMark-smallRecently, I had a call with a client who was having a very difficult time sharing what she does with people. She felt she wasn’t getting responses from people like she really wanted to and so she began to stop sharing. She began to feel like she was bothering people.

She was beginning to tell herself a story… one we are all familiar with: “I really should just quit. This isn’t working. I don’t know how I’m ever going to build a business.”

I asked her why she wanted to build a business to begin with.

She said, “I know that I can help people. I know that what I do changes lives. I know when I work with someone, their world is transformed from the darkness of despair and loss into the light of hope and possibility. They become alive again!”

As she spoke, she became more alive, more passionate, more connected to her Truth. Her Divine vision.

Her Divine Why.

You see, she had been there herself and knew what it was to be in the darkness of despair. And she had gotten out. She knew how to get out.  She knew she could help others get out, too.

But she got tied up with trying to figure out how to do it. And she lost her vision. Her fear and her story of “I can’t do this” became more powerful than her why.


Truthfully, it’s happened to all of us. Part of building a business is building a strong muscle of faith in ourselves. Faith in the Divine. Faith in our vision.

And in order to build that muscle, we have to choose to let go of our fear.

But that can be hard at times, right? Because we are so engrossed in the “what is” of our experience, we forget that we are connected to the Divine at all times.

We forget that we are
Divine co-creators ourselves.

Connecting to your why will help you build that faith muscle. It will help you pull yourself out of the despair of business-building, of the “I don’t know what I’m doing!” feelings and the “Who is ever going to pay me well for what I do?” thoughts.

When you connect to Your Divine Why, you will realize something so deep and so profound. Something so simple…

That you can do this.

You can move past the disappointments, the frustrations, and the annoyances that go along with building a business, and keep moving forward to create change and transformation for the world around you.

I would love to say building a business is an easy-peasy experience all the time, but it isn’t. It just isn’t. But that’s actually a really good thing.

Because building a business like ours comes from the heart. It requires that we do that deep inner work. It must be so, because we hold the visions of others in our energy space. In order to be able to hold their visions we must clear our own energies ongoingly.  You must clear your energy.
Clear your energ7


You see, when you get triggered (you feel those upset feelings and have those less-than-ideal thoughts), you have a fabulous opportunity to see where you aren’t in alignment with your vision, and you have the opportunity to clear it up.

Doing energy work (including tapping), affirmations, physical exercise, sleep, and other Divine self-care tools will help you move past the triggers and back into alignment with your vision… Your Divine Why.

(This is where a class like the Tap into Your Divine Business can support you.  It’s free.)

Tap into Your Divine Business class


Divine self-care tools will help reconnect you to your faith and your vision. They will help you remember why it is you do what you do: you do it for that one person whose life is changed by your work.

Knowing Your Divine Why will help you immensely in helping you build the business of your dreams, and keeping your energy clear so that you are in alignment with Your Divine Why will help you be able to help others powerfully, abundantly and effectively.

  • What calls you forward? 
  • What inspires you to get up every day and keep going? 
  • What causes you to move past your own fears and limiting inner conversations?
  • What helps you get and stay connected to the Divine? 

Please share below. I’d love to know what inspires you!

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