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Winter Solstice, Astrology & the Divine Activation Ceremony


Hello Divine Ones –

I want to share something really powerful with you… something I just read. I follow an astrologer by the name of Carol Barbeau, and when I have time, I read through her wonderful, but quite lengthy emails.

Today (Winter Solstice), I opened her email that was sent last Wednesday, December 17.

Carol talked about what is happening in the astrological energies right now, with the Winter Solstice, the new moon, and Hanukkah and Christmas … and she mentioned them as being “magical” energies.

Carol said that Thursday, December 18, was an activation day for the coming 5 years, and told why the planets were defining it as such.  (You can read her post here.)  She said:  “The 5 year plan is truly being activated today as we see a Midnight nice Venus aspect.”

Here’s what is so powerful about this whole experience and why it is so important to highlight it for you…

As I’ve built my own Divinely Intuitive™ Business, I notice that as I get closer and closer to an event or a program, my Divine Downloads take more and more form and energy.  As the energy for an event or program comes together, the people who are in alignment with that energy also begin to connect into that energy.  And I begin to get the Divine Downloads about what is needed for the event or program.  I begin to understand the deeper meaning of what the experience is all about.


For example, in this case, the original idea came to offer a call that would open sacred space for the Divinely Connected JV Giveaway and to provide Q&A for those who needed it. As the week went on, it deepened into something much more beautiful.

Two days before the ceremony, I received the download that I was to create a sacred ceremony for the joint venture partners, wherein we set our intention, and create the sacred space, for the JV giveaway.  But I was told we would also receive a Divine Activation from the High Angel of the JV giveaway!


This activation would allow us to deeply connect with the beautiful energy of the JVG, with one another’s energies, and with the energies of our Divine peeps. It would anchor the energetic power of this JVG and it would allow each partner to experience more of what they wanted from the JVG.

What I didn’t know when I was being told to create this ceremony was that there was an astrological activation going on at the same time that would support the Divine Activation Ceremony for our JV partners.

I just followed what I was being Divinely-guided to do. 

Here is why this is important:  this is what a Divinely Intuitive™ Business looks like.  This is what being a Divine Intuitive™ in a sacred spiritual business looks like.  This is how the Divine guides us… a piece at a time.  And as we say “yes” to one piece, more of it unfolds.  As we say yes to our guidance, more clarity is provided.

At some point in time, I will make the Divine Activation Ceremony available for you to use in any of your joint venture activities.  (Look for it in the Divine Store)  For now, however, it is available only to the joint venture partners in our Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway.  I will also make it available for the joint venture partners in the Your Divine Biz Gifts JV Giveaway, as well.  If you want to be a partner in either of these JV giveaways, please just click on the links below to sign up.

Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway
(January 2015 – accepting JV partners now)

Your Divine Biz Gifts JV Giveaway
(coming Summer 2015)

You can use the energies of the Divine Activation Ceremony to help you co-create your next 5 years in business (and life, of course).  It will propel you forward into what you want to create.

What a beautiful gift we were given.

Happy Winter Solstice, Divine Ones!




p.s.  Just look at the graphics we created for this JVG.  It’s so clear how perfect they are for these Divine energies. All I can say is wow…




Get your Divine On


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