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You said what?

Dear Anne:

I feel so frustrated about building my business.  Just yesterday I was telling my friend I want to quit.  I just don’t feel I have what it takes to build a business, and frankly, I want to quit more often than I want to keep going.  But something keeps me going. 

How can I make this experience easier and less painful? 

Stop Saying That!  

Dear Divine One –

This is such a powerful question!  Thank you for having the courage to ask it and to be so honest.  I think you’re going to love the answer, because it’s easier than you think.  It just takes some practice…

There is a saying that I’m sure you’ve heard: 


Change your Thoughts

Change your Life


I’d like to alter that to:

Change your Story

Change your Life


You see, it’s the story you tell yourself, the story you tell others, that causes your experiences.

Let me explain: 

When you say “I want to quit” you are actually creating an I-want-to-quit future experience. 

You are calling it forth from within you and co-creating your future with the Divine in that moment. 

Now, I know it isn’t an intentional thing on your part.  You are used to looking at what’s going on in your world, and how you are feeling, and talking about it with someone else, right? 

  • You are used to talking about your frustrations.
  • You are used to talking about what’s bothering you, what’s annoying you … what’s challenging you.
  • You are used to sharing how you feel.


But it is the habit of saying what you don’t want
that is co-creating what you don’t want
in your future.



So, here’s the way to create something different in your future.


Tell a different story.


Wait.  What?


Tell a different story.




Here’s what will happen:  you’ll feel like you are LYING.  You’ll feel like you are full of bs.  You’ll feel like you are a foolish dreamer.

That’s ok.   Do it anyway.

Because what happens is that you begin to turn the energies around. 


You begin to co-create what you DO want

instead of what you DON’T want.


And before long, you’ll begin to see things that are evidence of that co-creation. 


You’ll begin to see your new story show up in lots of different ways.


One of my clients shared how this one little thing totally changed her love life.  (Yes, her love life.)  She had a conversation (i.e., story) that all men her age were boring, unhealthy, looking for younger women or married.  Nobody her age was available or looking for someone like her.  Nobody.

She heard me tell a story to my Divine Diamond clients one day about a situation I realized I was creating in my own life by the story I was telling and how I changed the situation by changing my story.  And she had an “Ah-Ha!” moment.

She realized she was telling her story about men her age.  Not only was she telling it, baby, she was married to it!  (You know, when you passionately tell your story and there’s just no room for any other possibility.  Ever done that?)

And she decided to tell a different story. 

Within two months, she met a yummy man and she’s been dating him ever since!

Use this story technique to:

  • tell a story about your businessabout how fun it is, and easy it is to build.  You can say how easily you get things done, and how things flow for you.
  • tell a story about your clientsthat they love working with you, and they are fabulous clients who easily find you and say yes to working with you.
  • tell a story about your team how wonderful they are, how efficient they are, and how delightful they are to work with.
  • You can tell a story about your marketinghow effective it is, how much you love it, how brilliant you are at marketing your business, and so on.

Even if these aren’t your experiences (yet), and you feel like you’re lying, it doesn’t matter. 

Do it anyway.

Your world will shift when you start talking about what you want as though you already have it. 


Your energy will shift and you’ll start creating  what you want instead of what you don’t want.


You deserve to have the life you want,
the business you want,
the love you want,
the money you want.


And it really is as simple as telling a different story.

By the way, I didn’t say it’s easy.  I said it’s simple. 

(Oh wait, I can tell a different story on that, too, can’t I?)



Now go get your Divine ON!


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