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Your Business = Your Freedom

Happy Independence Day, USA!


It’s Independence Day in the United States. This holiday is our big summer celebration, where we have BBQs and picnics with family and friends and watch massive displays of fireworks.


It’s our day of national celebration of the many freedoms we love and enjoy:

  • Freedom to Speak our truth (even if others don’t like it),
  • Freedom to Worship as we choose,
  • Freedom to Love (and now marry!) whom we desire,
  • Freedom to get an Education, and
  • Freedom to Create our Work as we desire.

I don’t know about you, but I feel incredibly grateful to live in a country where I have these freedoms. And I don’t, for a second, take them for granted.

When my daughter was born, in the late 80s, we were just beginning to have personal computers. (Remember how slow and expensive they were?)

The work I do today didn’t even exist then! The business model I use now (and teach) wasn’t even conceived of at that time. The systems to support this business model hadn’t yet been created.

Back then, I really wanted to be home with my daughter. So I figured out other ways to make money. (And it wasn’t always pretty, let me tell you. Ok, I didn’t stand on a street corner and sell my body, but I did feel like I was selling a part of my soul sometimes!)

The freedom to work from home and
make a difference in other people’s lives
(while making money!) is one of the reasons
many of us build our businesses.

The challenge is if you don’t know how to share what you do in a way that invites interest then you could be the best at what you do, but you still struggle to get enough clients.

What if you could learn how to share yourself, your history, your story, in a way that caused someone to not only “get” you, but to connect with you, and want to learn more?

You can… On Tuesday, July 7, at 2 pm Eastern, join me for a complimentary training:

Your Divine Story
Stand Apart from the Crowd.
Connect with Confidence.
Attract Your Divine Clients.

Understanding how powerful your story is will allow you to:

  • Connect more easily with your prospective clients,
  • Convey to them that they are not alone in the journey (and that you understand where they are),
  • Be able to lift your people, to inspire them, and to even transform them.

Haven’t you experienced that when you’ve listened to someone sharing their journey?

Your Divine Story


The truth of the matter is this:

You can have a business that makes money.

You can have a business that
makes a difference.

You can have a business that gives you
the freedom you want.


But you’ve got to know how to share yourself so that it causes others to want more.

Because I know what a challenge it can be for so many Divinely-guided entrepreneurs to get enought clients, I decided to share something really juicy just for signing up for the teleclass.

It can help you get the clients you want more easily…


11 Secret Ways to Connect with Your Clients
(before you ever meet them!)
Divine Client Attraction -11-Ways
Just click on the graphic to get onto the call. You’ll be emailed your copy.
So, not only do you get a fabulous training to help you get clients, you also get this fabulous ebook to help you get clients. How could it get any better than that?
I look forward to seeing you on the call!


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