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Your Divine Money Kit

Activate Your Secret Powers  &
Make More Money in Your Business


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Hey There, Divine One!


If you’re an entrepreneur getting your sacred gifts out into the world, then let me just say that you know you are here to help people.  The truth is you make a difference in your clients’ lives because you use…



  • your knowledge of how to help someone heal,
  • your ability to coach someone into transformation,
  • your willingness to share your wisdom, knowledge, training and life experience, and
  • your ability to connect with your intuition,
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and yet…



  • You wonder why it is so flippin’ hard to make the money you deserve to make,
  • You wonder how you are going to create that abundant business you know you want to create, and honestly
  • You spent years developing your gifts and skills, and yet an abundant business still seems out of reach to you.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Well, Divine One, take comfort in this:  You are not alone. Many Divinely-guided entrepreneurs experience this as they grow their businesses.


The healers and intuitives I know have spent years developing their healing skills, their intuitive abilities, their knowledge and wisdom, and yet, find themselves wondering how to make enough money to live.


They know they have been called to do their work.

They know they are guided to share their gifts.

They know they are good at what they do.



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]BUT (and it’s a big one) …



  • People don’t sign up for your workshops and classes (not enough anyway);
  • You don’t have enough clients (instead of having more than enough);
  • Your income is more of a rollercoaster ride instead of a Sunday drive.
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It doesn’t have to be this way, it really doesn’t.


The Divine Money Kit will help you juicy up your relationship with money, because it will give you training, mindset and energetic support so that you can get more of that fun, yummy green stuff by doing what you love doing. 


It will help you understand what you are doing right … and it will help you get clear about what you can do better (dare I say a whole LOT better!).


Here’s what you get in Your Divine Money Kit:[/text_block]

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Let’s break this down, shall we?



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Create Divine Abundance Affirmations


Every time you listen to this audio, you will be training yourself to know there is an abundance of money waiting for you.  These beautiful affirmations are gently spoken by Rev. Anne, and are set to the beautiful music of Thaddeus (channeled by Sanaya Roman).

You will receive them in an mp3 format – take them with you wherever you go, even to sleep at night! The mp3 is accompanied by a pdf so that you can select your favorite affirmations and, if you like, create a recording in your own voice.



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Fall in Love with Your Money

Fall-In-Love-Money-3DIn this 90-minute training you will learn:

      • The 7 powerful ways to create a happy relationship with money,
      • The 3 energy techniques you can use now to create more money,
      • The #1 awareness you must have to create abundance in your business!

In addition (as a yummy bonus!), there is a Divine Money Meditation included in the training! 



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Divine Business Investing Audio


As business owners, we are constantly making decisions about investing in ourselves for our business.  This guided tapping audio (and accompanying script) will help you feel more confident and clear, whenever you have the opportunity to invest in your business.

Tapping is the number one energy technique I use in my business.  To help you understand where the tapping points are, so that you can tap along with the audio, you will also receive a handout of the tapping points.



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Your Divine Money ebook

10 Reasons Why Your Spirituality is Keeping You Broke
in Your Business
(and what you can do about it)!


In this 51-page ebook you’ll discover the 10 main ways spiritual business owners keep money from flowing into their business.  You’ll also learn exactly what you can do about it (if you find that you are doing any of these money-repelling behaviors).   



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In Your Divine Money Kit, you get all of these:[/text_block]

  • Create Divine Abundance Affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Fall in Love with Your Money – a 90-minute training mp3 & pdf
  • Divine Business Investing Tapping audio mp3 & pdf
  • Your Divine Money eBook – 10 Reasons Why Your Spirituality is Keeping You Broke in Your Business (and what you can do about it!)
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Yes, please! 

Give me my Divine Money Kit!


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Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



Get your Divine On


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