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New Blog, New Life – Let’s Celebrate!



In January 2011, this blog changed.  After a year and a half of writing the Divine Whispers, they felt complete and I strongly felt guided to share how to develop and use our intuition in a new way – both in our lives and in our businesses.  Today’s blog is the first of those new shares.


As an entrepreneur, you know that your number one job is to listen to your market, to hear what it is they want to learn about, and then to offer it to them.  And as I listened to my market, I learned that they are looking for ways to understand how to connect with their intuition so that they can trust what they receive and then take action upon it.


This is particularly helpful for an entrepreneur, because we have so many decisions to make every day, decisions like with whom should I work?  Whom should I hire?  Should I take this training or that one?  Should I spend money (or time) here or there?  And so on.


It is my passion to share what I have learned over the last 10 years as I have actively developed my intuition, and developed my own business.  And so this blog takes a new turn, one into the world of intuitive development and looking at how we use our intuition – in particular in our businesses.


If you have been to this site before, you will likely notice some changes – new graphics, new layout, new colors, new picture.  It all is a reflection of the evolution of my business and my journey as an entrepreneur – and, of course, my own inner journey.


So here’s an little example of how I used my intuition as this change occurred.  During this process I got stuck in a number of different areas.  (It’s natural, right?)  And once I realized I was stuck, I backed off of what I was struggling with, I got quiet, and I asked for help.  When I couldn’t find the right colors for the website to fit the new graphic and I realized I was spending far too much time playing with it, I realized I needed to ask for help. So, I got quiet and asked for help from my guides and my angels – from my intuitive connection to the Divine.  And right after asking, I found this light pink color, which I absolutely love.  (Hopefully, you will, too.)


So here’s the thing, as you are going through your day, begin to get present to situations where you can ask for help.  Get quiet, go within, and ask for direction, and see what comes to you.  You’ll be delightfully surprised at how quickly your answer will come.


Have fun with it.  Our intuition is ever so much fun to play with and developing and trusting your intuition will be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself, and for your business!



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  1. As an aspiring author, I find deliberately tapping into the place where the words flow like magic difficult. I would love to be able to turn it on or never have it turn off. Love your website and intend to visit again. Thanks.

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